Victor Reacts: This Is Who Is Teaching Your Kids? Absolutely Disgusting! (VIDEO)

This world is full of horrors that are beyond my wildest imagination. Never did I anticipate reading a story like this.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit,

In a shocking development, an acclaimed Penn State professor, Themis Matsoukas, who was previously charged with animal cruelty after being caught engaging in bestiality with his pet dog, is now facing additional charges following the revelation of further disturbing acts captured on videos, New York Post reported.

The case has now escalated with the emergence of new footage that allegedly shows Matsoukas inserting a tree branch and a lollipop into his anus in a public park.

According to reports from Fox 43, authorities discovered 55 videos on Matsoukas’ electronic devices that depicted acts of indecency. These devices were seized under a search warrant tied to the initial charges.

The affidavit obtained by Onward State details various lewd behaviors exhibited by Matsoukas, including public masturbation on a picnic table and in a lake at the park, as well as climbing a tree while naked and engaging in obscene acts with objects like a Tootsie Pop and a control handle of a DCNR John Deere crawler.

The news outlet added that Matsoukas also deposited fecal matter on leased campgrounds and in a service area adjacent to DCNR machinery, as well as applied bodily fluids to a glass table at a leased campsite.

As a result of these disturbing revelations, Matsoukas has been charged with multiple counts of burglary, criminal trespass, indecent exposure, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct for obscene gestures.

Well meaning parents send their kids off to college with the hopes that they will gain valuable skills and knowledge that they acquire from their professors. What they do not send their kids off to college for is to be lectured by people who sleep with dogs and leave fecal matter in public parks.

Unfortunately, this is the state of higher education in our country. College campuses have become breeding grounds for the worst behavior imaginable and it is no surprise that some professors are far from the respectable experts they once were.

Ironically, it is the same liberal professors and so-called academics that we are supposed to blindly trust. The radical left loves to trot them out on the news so they can lecture you about the evils of your combustion engine, or nag you about the nuances of modern gender theory.

No thank you.


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