Surprise! Court Makes ‘Commonsense’ Ruling on Woke Critical Race Theory

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‘This was a hard-fought battle that paid off for parents’

A court in California has ruled in favor of a school district’s decision to restrict “false and divisive” critical race theory lessons to students.

A report from the Advocates for Faith and Freedom explained when the Temecula Valley Unified School District decided to limit the fake lessons, it was sued by the Temecula Valley Educators Association and a group of political activists.

The plaintiffs complained about a school district resolution that limited the CRT curriculum, which essentially teaches that America is all racist and to get rid of it, more racism is needed, and requires teachers to tell parents of their students’ gender transition ideas.

“This is a win for commonsense, parents, and the safety of students,” noted Robert Tyler, president of Advocates for Faith & Freedom. “TVUSD is committed to providing a quality education free from political agendas and free from dishonest and divisive curriculum. This ruling allows TVUSD to continue implementing these sound policies.”

“This was a hard-fought battle that paid off for parents,” said Mariah Gondeiro, vice president of Advocates “This ruling vindicates the actions taken by the TVUSD School Board who put the rights of parents and the safety of students over the wishes of special interest groups.”

Joseph Komrosky, school board chief, explained, “Despite the small but vocal opponents that seek to rewrite history and indoctrinate students, I am very optimistic for our school district.

“I believe that the diversity that exists among the District’s community of students, staff, parents, and guardians is an asset to be honored and valued. These policies were enacted by the school board to ensure our district puts the needs of students and their parents above all else. Our district remains focused on providing a holistic education for all of our students, free from both discrimination and indoctrination.”

The lawsuit’s allegations included that restricting the biased and racist CRT teachings hurt children of color and LGBTQ students.

Tyler said, earlier, “The Board’s opposition to CRT is based precisely on the discriminatory philosophy it encourages and is thus not tantamount to discrimination or the failure to provide a quality education, but in fact just the opposite.”

“TVUSD is committed to providing students with a holistic education, instead of pushing political agendas and divisive curriculum. Our contention is that the TVUSD is doing exactly what they were elected by parents to do, which is guide curriculum in accordance with what is best for all students, free from the political influences and whims of lobbyists and special interest groups.”

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