Hohmann: The Second American Civil War Is Starting

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

American society is spinning out of control: What you need to do now to prepare for massive civil unrest and violence

It doesn’t take any brilliant analytical mind to discern that American society is losing its rudder and that there are powerful forces seeking to divide us at a critical juncture, provoking us to civil war.

After decades of ideological attacks on our gatekeeping institutions by globalists with no allegiance to this country, America’s sense of identity and purpose is dangerously close to dead.

A country without a cohesive identity is a country ripe for manipulation, division and ultimately war among its factions.

When the elites feel their power slipping, which I believe they do, that’s when they adopt a “burn it all down” mentality. Gaslighting in the media, finger pointing and scapegoating all play into the strategy and we’ve seen plenty of that over the last few years.

But it’s not just America. It’s Western civilization as a whole that is withering. And when civilizations implode, everyone suffers. The good, the bad, and the indifferent.

Many of my Christian friends say not to worry, everything will work itself out just fine. God’s in control. I read history and see that just because God is in control doesn’t mean that His followers won’t suffer persecution, even to the point of death.

But there is a difference between dying for your faith and dying just because you walked into an unfortunate situation in a public space that you thought was safe. Maybe it always was safe before, but now isn’t. Or, maybe you discover the hard way that your home appeared as low-hanging fruit for a professional criminal or gang of criminals. They attack and you’re caught off guard.

What I’m saying is, the world is about to become a much more dangerous place, both at home and abroad.

What starts in Europe eventually comes here, and civil uprisings are gaining steam across the European continent. France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain have all seen tremendous civil unrest as people are waking up to the global con being waged against them by power-hungry globalist Luciferians using the climate as a their excuse to drastically curtail freedoms of speech, press, assembly and movement, not to mention privacy invasions.

Farmers have been protesting against globalist climate policies in all of the above countries. And migrant populations have been also getting restless.

In the Netherlands last night, there were migrant riots with a little-reported connection to the United States. You won’t find any of this reported in the mainstream press but keep reading and you will see what I’m talking about on how now is the time to wake up and prepare for what’s coming.

At least four police officers were hurt during a riot that erupted on the streets outside The Hague on Saturday night, February 17, after two rival groups of Eritrean migrants clashed following a political disagreement.

Rioters torched police cars and a bus, and Dutch police officers were forced to use tear gas to regain control of the area.

Dozens of rioters were filmed surrounding the Opera Conference Hall in the Netherlands, as multiple police vans raced to the scene.

Another clip also showed the aftermath. The building had several smashed windows and parked vehicles were set on fire. The street was left looking like a war zone.

According to The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel, a fight broke out between two groups of Eritreans that got “seriously out of hand.”

Police said that during the riots, two officers sustained injuries to their hand and another to her teeth. A fourth was hit by a police car in the chaos.

Now, for the U.S. connection.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo reported on X Saturday night that over 200 Eritrean migrants were holding a sympathy protest in Charlotte, North Carolina, for their brothers overseas and that protest also turned violent.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed Ngo’s report of violence breaking out in North Carolina’s largest city.

So, you can add this to the growing list of American cities experiencing migrant violence. And it’s only going to get worse until we start seeing mass deportations. But I don’t hear any politicians talking much about mass deportations, do you? So don’t expect things to improve.

One other city where migrant crime is raging is the nation’s largest, New York City.

Violent illegals have formed gangs and are making their presence known across the Big Apple, and the police are just now starting to form a response. But they’re fighting a losing battle, because the Soros prosecutors working in New York are reportedly letting the criminal migrant gang members back out on the streets as soon as they get arrested.

Now turn to Ohio, where earlier this month Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones announced he was making some major changes in his department to prepare for a future of intense gang-related migrant crimes and potential terrorist attacks. He is acutely aware of the 37,000 Chinese nationals who crossed into the U.S. from Mexico last year seeking asylum. Another 20,000 have entered already in 2024. That’s a 57,000-man Chinese army assembled here inside America, potentially forming sleeper cells and awaiting their orders to attack. Author and China expert Gordon Chang recently wrote about this in an article for the Gatestone Institute.

Below are Chinese migrants practicing their shooting skills.

But back to the Butler County Sheriff.

WCPO in Cincinatti reports:

Jones announced the changes after getting back to Butler County from a National Sheriff Association meeting in Washington D.C. where he said they heard from the FBI director on terrorism threats.

“We were told by the FBI director, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” Jones said.

He wants to make sure Butler County is prepared so he said he’s equipping every sheriff’s department vehicle with a rifle and a “go bag,” which has extra magazines for the rifles and other necessities.

Jones also announced he’s working to boost security by looking into drone detection technology for the sheriff’s office.

“We’re looking at maybe squad training. We train for school shootings, what to do when we get there, mall shootings. We’re going to look at things a little differently,” he said.

The steps Jones is taking go beyond his department too. He’s working to make sure community members have the tools they need too.

“We’re going to start training civilians on what to do when disasters hit and emergencies hit,” he said.

This country is about to see changes that almost nobody is expecting.

We need to start taking these threats seriously. Here are some ideas on how to start.

  • Talk to your sheriff and ask what he is doing to prepare for a much more violent America. Ask him what you can do to help.
  • Make sure you have a means of self-defense inside your home and seek out training on how to use said weapon. Some sheriffs offer this training for free.
  • If you can afford a guard dog, get one (I know they cost a lot to feed and care for so don’t go down this road if you are already struggling to support your family).
  • There are other things you can do, many of them for very little money, to upgrade your security situation and tighten up the perimeter of your property. Think about installing solar motion lights around your property. Put up security signs and a “beware of dog” sign (even if you don’t have a dog or your pooch is small and friendly).
  • Add peep holes to your exterior doors so you can see who’s knocking.
  • Upgrade the hinges latches and locks on exterior doors with deadbolts and replace shorter screws with 3-inch screws. A professional criminal can always kick in your door but you want him to have to kick it several times before gaining entry as this gives you more time to get in a position of safety with your family.
  • Have a family plan on how to react if you hear someone trying to break into your home or see someone lurking outside who isn’t supposed to be there.
  • Stock up on water and food but also think about a situation that could last three months or longer in which you will need to be able to filter water and grow some of your own food.
  • Get at least three 5-gallon containers and fill them with gasoline.
  • Make sure you have all of the basic hand tools and supplies you need. Things like duct tape, shovels, hoes, hammers, screw drivers, a good ax and/or hatchet.
  • A major component of preparation involves the way you think about things. Don’t live in denial. Don’t fall victim to normalcy bias. This is not the old America anymore. Living in denial could get you or a family member needlessly killed.

Most of what you need can be found at your local sporting goods stores, outdoor stores and hardware stores.

Now is the time to get started on your personal home security plan. If you wait too long, you will not find any of the tools or supplies necessary to harden your home’s perimeter. Once the violence escalates to a certain point, you also may find the shelves of your local sporting goods store and hardware store becoming bare.

Remember, when you need the police to arrive in seconds, they will be there in minutes. You are responsible for your family’s security.

One of my favorite security experts is John Lovell, a former Army Ranger, committed Christian and founder of the Warrior Poet Society. Below is an excellent interview Lovell did with Homesteaders of America about how to get out of the naive mindset in which most Americans remain stuck, and start taking your personal family security seriously.

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