President Trump Brings Down the House at Conway, South Carolina Get Out the Vote Rally – Crowd Chants “USA! USA! USA!” (VIDEO)

President Trump on Saturday spoke at the get-out-the-vote rally in Conway, South Carolina ahead of the February 24th Republican primary.

The patriotic crowd waited outside for hours to see President Trump speak.

He has a huge lead over Nikki Haley by about 27 points in her own state of South Carolina.

President Trump spoke with the overflow crowd outside of the arena. The arena was filled up quickly with a massive crowd of patriots waiting outside.

“You know what we took what was known as a big arena. It’s not too big. We’ll have to do another one. We’ll come back soon and we’ll get everybody in.” Trump said.


As President Trump took the stage, the thunderous crowd of Patriots were chanting: “USA, USA, USA!”


“What crooked Joe is doing to our border is a crime against this nation, but he will not get away with it.” Trump said.

“He’ll be tried by the ballot box, you know that? He’s gonna be tried in, by, and for the ballot box in November.” Trump continued.


The enthusiastic crowd erupted with an anti-Joe Biden chant with the use of some colorful language.


Trump 2024!


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