Miss Pittsburgh Creates Survivor PAC To Stop Soros Funded Pro-Crime Politicians

In a stunning revelation, Survivor PAC, spearheaded by political commentator and healthcare founder Madison Campbell, exposes pro-crime politicians who side with criminals over survivors.

The evidence uncovered by Survivor PAC shatters the illusion, revealing that Republicans stand firmly with victims, advocating to end crime rather than perpetuate it.

Survivor PAC, the first of its kind, challenges the left’s narrative by emphasizing genuine victim support and innovative solutions. Madison Campbell’s grassroots organization brings a fresh perspective to the political landscape, standing against the false claims that criminals are the true victims.

Unlike the Left, Survivor PAC is dedicated to empowering victims and ending the cycle of crime as George Soros and extremist politicians continue their catch and release programs, dangerous immigration policies, and profess their love for terrorist organizations like Hamas abroad and ANTIFA domestically.

The contrast with the Left’s approach is stark: while they advocate for policies that some argue lead to a utopian vision, after all if criminals and rapists are never charged with a crime then the Biden administration and far left can claim ‘crime is decreasing’, Survivor PAC stands for truth and real solutions.

Campbell’s data-driven approach reflects the concerns of actual Americans, who have not only seen first hand the dangerous climate the left has created, but many who have fallen victim to it.

Beyond just crime, Campbell’s PAC has been studying the rise in antisemitism and child sex trafficking.

Madison Campbell’s courage in addressing uncomfortable truths extends to questioning the Left’s motivations.

Survivor PAC boldly challenges the Left’s stance on issues like violence, terrorism, and the influence of figures like George Soros.

Campbell exposes a system where outside influences, like Soros, fund politicians who actively harm our country.

Campbell states this as one of her main objectives with Survivor PAC, “to stand as a voice for the victims, for everyday Americans worried about what is happening to this country, but most Americans stand AGAINST crime and want their elected officials to create a safer country – not a more dangerous one.”

In this era of misinformation, Survivor PAC provides a much-needed platform for American patriots.

It gives voice to those who seek safety, justice, and a say in their own country. Campbell’s leadership underscores the importance of ending the chaos and restoring a sense of security.

Survivor PAC is not just a political initiative; it’s a movement to stands as a powerful force for truth, justice, and the restoration of American values.

The time to end the madness is now, especially the year of what might be the most important election of our lifetime, and it is much needed and refreshing to finally see conservatives taking the charge to combat the damage being done to our country.


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