Mich. Rep. Demands Answers from Governor, FBI, on Why Obvious Muskegon Voter Fraud Left Unprosecuted

President Donald Trump and Rep. Rachelle Smit

Last August, the Gateway Pundit exclusively reported that police reports from the city of Muskegon, Michigan, showed a left-wing outfit named GBI Strategies was attempting to fraudulently register up to 12,000 voters in a city with only 30,000 people.

This report on systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election has never been refuted or debunked; it was simply ignored and suppressed by legacy media. The blithe answer from Michigan’s corrupt far-left Attorney General is that they ‘referred it to the FBI.

Yet all the information is there in the Muskegon Police report, as well as another police report from the Michigan State Police, and yet there have been zero prosecutions of those involved.

Recently, Republican Rep. Rachelle Smit and Rep. Jay DeBoyer of Michigan have demanded an answer from both Michigan Attorney General Nessel as well as FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Rep. Smit correctly notes that the evidence reported by the Gateway Pundit suggests there was an ongoing criminal conspiracy to commit voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Here at The Gateway Pundit, you can exclusively read their letters to Nessel and Wray.

FBI Director Christopher Wray

The Smit letter describes the ongoing silence about the obvious case of voter fraud by Nessel and Wray as “shameful.”

Smit’s strongly-worded letters relate that it’s clear to her as an elected official that the conduct relayed in these police reports “would have resulted in felony charges for any other individual” other than the Democrat campaigners with GBI Strategies.

Public reports show that GBI Strategies and its owner Gary Bell is a multi-million dollar campaign arm of the far-left.

Just as lawless Dana Nessel covers up 12,000 instances of voter fraud from the 2020 election by her ideological friends, Nessel continues persecuting the 2020 Trump electors for believing that there was potential voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Not only have the local and state police reports confirmed TGP’s original reporting, but photographs have verified the fraud, leaked discussions between clerks on private social media groups have confirmed the fraud, and even an intrepid independent journalist from New Jersey, Yehuda Miller, revealed suppressed interrogation videos that confirm the fraudulent scheme to register fake voters for the 2020 election.

Smit and DeBoyer are also former Clerks in Michigan, the officials charged with administering elections for local governments. Smit is also the Vice Chair of the Elections Committee in the Michigan Legislature.

Michigan Rep. Jay DeBoyer

Smit, among other champions in the Michigan House for election integrity, introduced HR 165 last year to impeach far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel because of her failure to pursue the Muskegon voter fraud evidence and reports.

Legacy media made a feeble attempt to ‘debunk’ TGP reporting last month but failed completely in this lazy Washington Post piece by Sarah Ellison. In it, she can’t point to a single fact that TGP got wrong in our reporting despite admitting she read through over 40 articles published by TGP on the topic.

Politifact also tried last August to ‘fact check’ TGP reporting, and so TGP fact-checked their bogus fact-check and never heard back. Politifact refused to respond to our requests for comment after we dissected their lies.

The FBI refused to respond to a request for comment.

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