MASSIVE Groups of Military Age Males From Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and More Filmed Traveling Through Darién Gap in Panama to be Flown into US by Biden Regime (VIDEO)

One of many campsites with 60+ illegals in the Darién Gap headed for America

Real Americas Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam is currently in the Darién Gap between Colombia and Panama, reporting on the international human smuggling operation coordinated by the cartels, globalists, and the Biden Regime.

The Biden Regime is now granting asylum to illegal immigrants in South America and flying them by plane into the United States to arrive “as refugees who have already met the requirements and will be legally allowed to live and work in the U.S.,” according to the Associated Press.

Bergquam shared a photo of a group he discovered on Tuesday night showing “over 50 men from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, all being smuggled in the middle of the night.”

Hold the United Nations, the NGOs, the Cartels and the Democrats accountable! #JoeBidenDidThis,” Bergquam said in a caption on X:

This morning, Bergquam shared footage of another group with “over 60 single males from Africa, India and Pakistan heading our way.”

“This is just one of the countless numbers of groups in a constant flow to the United States,” said Bergquam:

BERGQUAM: This is just one of the groups in the jungle right now. They split up into smaller groups, and they camp in different locations. So, imagine this in 100 different locations throughout the jungle right now. So, when the sun comes up, they get back in line, and they start making their way to their next overnight spot, all guided by the cartels.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Bergquam and his partner, Oscar Ramirez, discovered “15-acre facilities” that the United States is using to process and smuggle these illegals into the United States before they even reach the border.

WATCH: Ben Bergquam Reports from Darién Gap That US is Funding Processing Centers in South America and Flying Illegals into America BEFORE They Reach The Border

“The numbers at the border go down, but the numbers that are going into our country go up,” Bergquam said.

Bergquam also reported finding “UN condoms ” at the border of Colombia and Panama, likely used by cartel members to rape the small number of women and children who are traveling with the large groups of men. The Biden Regime and globalist organizations are helping these animals traffick and rape women on their journey into the US.

Bergquam and Oscar Ramirez encountered another group of illegals from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India, seemingly setting up camp for the night.

Ramirez explains that the illegals told him in Spanish that they paid $320 per person to get off the boat and be taken somewhere they could be smuggled into America, and it’s “all men!”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, an illegal alien who traveled from Iran to Jacumba, California, recently warned Ben of the Islamic terrorism and other foreign adversaries that are coming through our southern border. “If I was governor here, I would be afraid,” the unidentified man said, noting that “all these people” coming across our borders are “military age.” The Iranian man added, “Islamists will come here, get the guns, get the C4 detonation, and kill people. They’re not good.”

As Bergquam notes in the video below, “The question isn’t if an attack is going to happen, it’s when an attack is going to happen.”

RAMIREZ: I was just having a conversation… and we started seeing a bunch of lights coming in from the east part, where we are going to go up tomorrow. More than 50 lights coming down, and we were like, that’s a big group. I decided to come down here to see what’s going on to see if there were families or whatever it was, and I bumped into migrants from Pakistan, migrants from Sri Lanka, migrants from India, and all men. This is the thing that worries me. It’s all men. All of them, they’re men. Clearly, they’re being smuggled by the [gangs] that operate in Colombia, and all of them are saying that they’re paying a package. I had an interview with a migrant from Venezuela saying that the packages where we were at: $320 per person to get them from the boat into a place that they can get smuggled.

BERGQUAM: Behind us, a massive group of men came in—huge national security threat. We went down there to investigate this, and I just want you to look at this video–all men from the Middle East, Pakistan, from Bangladesh, from Sri Lanka, from India, all men, all being smuggled by the cartel. And this is happening every single night in different parts across Central and South America. This is what Joe Biden did. Joe Biden invited this national security threat. The question isn’t if an attack is going to happen, it’s when an attack is going to happen.

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