Marjorie Taylor Greene Fires Back at Dem Senator Coons Over Ukraine Aid — Challenges Him to ‘Fight Russia on the Front Lines Himself’

Chris Coons (Flicker); Marjorie Taylor Greene (Getty Images)

The debate over U.S. assistance to Ukraine has intensified as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) publicly challenged Democrat Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) to fight Russia on the front lines himself if he is so committed to the cause.

This fiery exchange comes as Senator Coons warned of the potential need for American military intervention if aid to Ukraine is not sustained.

At the Munich Security Conference, Senator Coons told CNBC’s Silvia Amaro that failing to support Ukraine against Russian aggression could lead to direct conflict involving American soldiers.

“In the next front against Russia, it will be Americans on the front lines,” Coons said.

“We are best off investing in the Ukrainians who are fighting bravely for their own freedom than allowing [Russian President Vladimir] Putin the opportunity to spread further chaos and violence across Europe.”

He emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and preventing Russian aggression from spreading across Europe. Coons expressed optimism about the bill’s passage but cautioned that failure to support Ukraine could embolden Putin to target NATO allies next, aligning with predictions of possible attacks on NATO within the next three to five years.

In a fiery response, Rep. Greene took to social media to voice her strong opposition to the notion of involving American military personnel in the Ukraine conflict.

She criticized the idea of sending U.S. forces, which were already stretched thin and facing challenges under the Biden regime, such as low recruitment and depleted resources.

Greene highlighted the immense financial strain of the U.S. national debt and other domestic issues, accusing “deep state globalists” of prioritizing conflict with Russia over addressing these problems.

Read her statement below:

“You want to know one of the big reasons why I fight so hard to force a peace deal in Ukraine?

Here you go.

They have been saying it behind closed doors for a long time and have admitted it in our briefings, but now they are finally threatening it out loud.

They want to send our military, with its all-time record low recruitment numbers and depleted ammunition and supplies, to fight on the front lines against Russia!

They threaten us, saying if we don’t vote to fund Ukraine, then they will send our uncles, cousins, and sons to fight against the Russian military in Ukraine!

They have said it to my face, and I am purely disgusted that with our massively growing $34 trillion dollar debt, our open border-induced national security crisis, and all the other problems we face as Americans, these deep state globalists only care about fighting Russia!

Our military would rather stand shoulder to shoulder at the southern border and defend our own homeland from the cartel-controlled daily invasion of human trafficking and drugs than travel halfway around the world to be forever injured or killed fighting what amounts to a civil war between Russia and Ukraine that we should not be involved in!

Furthermore, they lie constantly telling us if ‘we don’t stop Putin now, he will march across Europe just like Hitler,’ yet they have not and cannot produce a single shred of evidence that is Russia’s plan, and everyone ignores the fact that Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

Yet our politicians and government send billions of American’s hard-earned tax dollars to fund the continuing slaughter of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers, and our money is being stolen by Ukrainian government officials and NGOs in the process. The widescale corruption stories are countless, and our money and many of our weapons cannot be accounted for!

All while America continues to crumble and decay!

Do you remember the outrage of the nation and the 13 families whose children and loved ones were killed in the Biden admin’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Do you remember our anger watching those 13 flag-draped coffins being brought home?

Heed my warning.

Do not send our military to fight in that senseless war!

And stop voting to fund the slaughter of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and sending billions of our money to be stolen and laundered!

If you want to fight Russia so bad, pick up your weapon and go to the front lines and fight them yourselves!

Polling shows well over 60% of Americans do not support sending more money to Ukraine!

If you are elected by the American people, and if you are a government employee or contractor, you receive a taxpayer-funded paycheck!

You work for the people, and the people say enough!”

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