“I’m Considering It” – Actor Michael Rappaport Has a Change of Heart, May Vote Trump in 2024 and DEFINITELY Won’t Vote for Biden (VIDEO)

Actor Michael Rappaport

Trump-hating Holllywood leftist Michael Rappaport was out making headlines again today.

Michael Rappaport has had a recent change of heart about Democrat policies, political lies and Donald Trump.

At one time, the Hollywood leftist was attacking Trump’s then 14-year-old son Barron Trump. But those days are over. Recently, Rappaport went public and suggested he may vote for Donald Trump.  And today he defended President Trump publicly.

Michael joined the PBD Podcast recently and was asked about President Trump.

Michael Rappaport made more surprising remarks.

PBD host:  Here’s why I think you’re going to vote for him this time, because you’ve seen what happened under his first term. You didn’t like it. He’s the pig dick and he’s got the mean tweets and he’s orange. But life was good. There was no wars. The economy was going good. But damn, he’s annoying to look at. But you also can acknowledge that the media had a major role?

Michael Rappaport:  I acknowledged that one thing about the Charlotesville that I ranted about…

Patrick Bet-David:  Go a little bit more. What do you mean by that? You were wrong on that?

Michael Rappaport:  Yes. Because he said there’s good people on both sides. And when you see the full quote, that wasn’t what he said. I ranted on him hard for that. Hard. There’s some video about it, whatever. I mean, I ranted hard because I was like, what are you talking about, man?

PBD host:  Trump ain’t exactly the smoothest character. He’s not Jesus Christ. But he actually, his policies and who he has around him are way better than what’s going on there. And here’s my final point. You see what’s going on with the border. You see what’s going on with the wokeness. You see what’s going on with culture wars, and you see what’s going on with actual wars. Specifically, you see who the Democrats have exposed their hand, especially the progressive left. You see what’s going on between Israel and Gaza. You have three Stars of David on your chest right now. And as someone who is a proud New Yorker your whole life, you see what the Democratic Party has turned into, this DEI ESG woke manifestation of ridiculousness, intersectionality, decolonialization… You’re looking at that and you say, you know what? As much as I can’t stand big dick Donald Trump, you said it. At least he’s fucking normal. At least he doesn’t want to turn my boy into a girl. At least he’s normal… At least he’s defending Israel, not the f*cking terrorists. And at the end of the day, I’m a reasonable person. So like you said initially, I think I’m going to consider this.

Michael Rappaport: Oh, I’m considering it… But to pull that, I don’t know. We don’t pull levers anymore. Actually, pull that lever, pulling the lever for Biden. I’m going to tell you right now, I won’t vote. I’m not voting for Biden. I’m not voting for know… No, that’s not happening… I’m not voting for Gavin with the good hair.

I didn’t have Michael Rappaport would become a sort-of sane Trumper on my 2024 Bingo Card. But here we are.

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