Former Top Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Who Previously Threatened to Prosecute Federal Agents Sent by Trump to Stop BLM Riots, Found GUILTY of Mortgage Fraud

Former top Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was found guilty on Tuesday on one count of mortgage fraud.

Mosby, who previously served two terms as the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, was found guilty of mortgage fraud after testifying that she made false statements on loan applications in order to buy two vacation homes in Florida.

In November, Mosby was found guilty of two federal counts of perjury after falsely claiming she had financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to access funds from the city’s retirement fund.

Mosby has yet to be sentenced in either case.

The former Baltimore prosecutor made national headlines in 2020 after she called President Trump a “Clown” and threatened to arrest any federal agents sent by the Trump administration attempting to quell the BLM riots in Baltimore.

Per AP:

A former top prosecutor for the city of Baltimore was convicted Tuesday on one count of mortgage fraud, concluding a lengthy criminal trial in which Marilyn Mosby testified she unwittingly made false statements on loan applications to buy two Florida vacation homes.

The jury announced a split verdict Tuesday evening after deliberating most of the day, finding Mosby not guilty on a second mortgage fraud charge, The Baltimore Sun reported.

She was previously convicted on two counts of perjury in a separate criminal trial that took place in November. She hasn’t been sentenced in either case.

The federal criminal charges stemmed from allegations that Mosby claimed a pandemic-related hardship to make early withdrawals from her retirement account, then used that money for down payments on the Florida properties. Prosecutors alleged she repeatedly lied on the mortgage applications.

In 2016, President Trump called for Mosby to “prosecute herself” after all six charges she brought against the six police officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray were dropped.



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