YOU THINK SO? View Co-Host Says Removing Trump From Ballots Will Create Appearance of ‘a Rigged Election’ (VIDEO)

Sara Haines, a co-host on ‘The View’ said this week that removing Trump from ballots would create the appearance of a rigged election. As the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

As Haines made her case, the other hosts kept trying to talk over her, mostly Joy Behar, who clearly disagreed and wants Trump kept off of ballots.

Behar’s opinion is typical of the far left. They can blather on endlessly about our sacred democracy yet see nothing wrong with this at all.

FOX News reports:

‘View’ host says Democrats taking Trump off state ballots will create appearance of ‘a rigged election’

On Tuesday’s “The View”, Haines argued these efforts would cause more division and reinforce Trump’s position that Democrats are trying to interfere in the 2024 election.

Haines said she agreed with former Obama adviser David Axelrod and Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom’s arguments that Democrats must beat Trump at the polls instead.

“The point I would say here is, I actually agree with Governor Gavin Newsom and David Axelrod, these are Democrats, leading Democrats that say, this would really cause a division that’s almost insurmountable,” Haines began.

The co-host said she believed voters should be the ones to deny Trump re-election. She predicted the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn these rulings in a 9-0 vote.

“I think the division this will cause, because what will happen is, that martyrdom will be one step more. We have a nation that doesn’t believe in democracy, doesn’t believe in voting, everyone that loses says it was rigged and failed. I think this will create a vision, a visual to people that this was a rigged election. I do,” Haines argued.

Here’s the video:

The Supreme Court should overturn these decisions and it should be a unanimous vote.


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