Top UK General Says Civilians Will Have To Be Conscripted Into a ‘Citizen’s Army’ To Fight Major War Against Russia

The war-mongering in Europe has gone into overdrive, with military chiefs sounding the alarm to ‘imaginary wars’, trying to drum up support for Ukraine and to hypercharge Russophobia as the patience of the citizens in general with this conflict narrative has greatly diminished.

Now, the top UK general says they live in a ‘pre-war’ scenario, and insists that only ‘citizen armies’ will be able to defeat the coming Russian avalanche to disrupt the Western societies.

The head of the British army alerted UK citizens to be prepared for a war fought on the scale of the great conflicts of the 20th Century – and that they may need to be mobilized.

Euronews reported:

“Speaking at the International Armored Vehicles exhibition in London, General Sir Patrick Sanders said the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a sign of things to come, warning that the lessons of previous wars must be remembered before it is too late.

‘Our predecessors failed to perceive the implications of the so-called July Crisis in 1914 and stumbled into the most ghastly of wars’, he said. ‘We cannot afford to make the same mistake today. Ukraine really matters’.”

General Sanders insisted that the scale of this potential conflict he envisions ‘must not be underestimated’.

“‘This war is not merely about the black soil of the Donbas, nor the re-establishment of a Russian empire, it’s about defeating our system and way of life politically, psychologically, and symbolically. How we respond as the pre-war generation will reverberate through history. Ukrainian bravery is buying time, for now’.

The general also called for a near-doubling in size of the British army. The UK military in general plans to reverse a long-term recruitment crisis that has shrunk its numbers even as British forces participate in various missions overseas.”

While traditional mobilization sending people to the frontline was important, everyday British citizens must be prepared for a level of civic mobilization not seen since WW2.

Sanders’ calls for a ‘whole-of-nation’ war echo German defense minister Boris Pistorius, who made radical pleas for Germany to prepare for war with Russia.

In a move that’s recurring in PM Rishi Sunak’s embattled government, officials had to go out and dismiss the general’s ideas.

ABC News reported:

“Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman, Max Blain, said the government ‘has no intention’ of introducing conscription.

‘The British military has a proud tradition of being a voluntary force. There are no plans to change that’, he said.

He added that ‘engaging in hypothetical wars’ was ‘not helpful’.”

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