Does Anyone Believe This? Biden Admits Open Borders Aren’t Safe For Americans And Claims He Will Take Action

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Why the sudden change in talking points, Joe?

It appears the failed president has had a sudden change of heart during an election season.

The New York Post reported,

President Biden told reporters Friday that the US-Mexico border is not secure — contradicting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas — after endorsing “massive changes” in immigration policy.

“No, it’s not,” Biden said when asked whether the frontier was secure following remarks to a bipartisan group of mayors in the White House East Room.

During his speech, the 81-year-old Biden said he hoped for Senate negotiators to announce a compromise next week on border policy as part of a broader $106 billion supplemental spending request that would also finance military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

“I believe we need significant policy changes at the border, including changes in our asylum system to ensure that we have the authorities we need to control the border. I’m ready to act,” the president said.

Biden went on to address the House Republicans with a question that would appear fairly obvious.

Now the question is for the [House] Speaker [Mike Johnson] and the House Republicans: Are they ready to act as well?” Biden added.

“They have to choose whether they want to solve a problem or keep weaponizing the issue to score political points against the president. I’m ready to solve the problem. I really am,” he added. “Massive changes, and I mean it sincerely.”

According to polls, Biden’s handling of the migrant crisis has received dismal approval ratings following a record-breaking year in illegal crossings in December.

Mayorkas, whose Department of Homeland Security administers border policy, outraged Republicans in the spring of last year by repeatedly claiming “the border is secure” as record numbers of foreigners crossed illegally.

Despite apparently disavowing Mayorkas’ claims, Biden defended his DHS chief when asked about House Republican efforts to impeach and remove him, telling reporters Friday that “I don’t get it.”

It’s all words for Joe Biden and Mayorkas.

Meanwhile, the invasion continues.


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