Thieves Drag Entire ATM from Van in Broad Daylight Following Audacious Bank Robbery in Crime-Ridden California (VIDEO)

In a bold and brazen act of theft, a group of thieves successfully dragged an entire Automated Teller Machine (ATM) tied to the back of a van following an audacious bank robbery in Oakland, California, KTVU reported.

The ATM was ripped from its foundations outside a Bank of America on Hegenberger Road, and the incident occurred in plain sight on Sunday morning.

The entire act was filmed by a shocked bystander who provided the footage to local news outlet KTVU. The video shows the thieves attaching the ATM to a van with a rope before speeding away, causing sparks to fly as the metal machine scraped against the road.

Witnesses estimate that three to four individuals were involved in this startling theft.


In a worrying trend for the city, this was not the only ATM theft that day. Another machine was stolen about an hour earlier from a different location on Alameda Avenue.

The Oakland Police Department, grappling with a rise in property crimes, later announced the arrest of one suspect, Anthony Pearson, in connection with the Bank of America robbery. However, the search continues for the remaining culprits.

The incident occurs amidst a backdrop of increasing crime rates in Oakland, with the city’s only In-N-Out Burger restaurant recently announcing its closure due to ongoing safety concerns. The popular eatery, despite being profitable, has been plagued by armed robberies and car break-ins, highlighting the broader crime challenges facing the city.

Compounding the issue is the city’s Soros-backed District Attorney, who is currently the subject of a recall effort.

This is a good reminder that crime has a very real effect on the quality of life in a community. When the criminals rule, everyone else suffers.

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