Texas AG Ken Paxton Explains How Democrats Stole the 2020 Election – Look for The Gateway Pundit to Release More on This Democrat Plot in the Coming Days

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

In September 2023 Tucker Carlson sat down with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. This was after the liberals like Karl Rove attempted to remove Paxton from office and turn the Lone Star State over to the Democrat horde and their election fraud operation.

Thankfully, Ken Paxton had just been acquitted of wrongdoing following a Senate trial on all Articles of Impeachment.

Texas RINOs, including Bush and Rove allies, wanted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gone so they made up some accusations against him without evidence in an attempt to impeach him.

Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this.

A clip from Paxton’s interview with Tucker Carlson is presently making the rounds on social media.  During the interview, AG Paxton explained to Tucker Carlson how Democrats cheated and stole the 2020 election.

Ken Paxton had this to say:

Tucker Carlson: They stopped counting votes on election night.

Ken Paxton: Because what they needed to figure out was how many real votes there were so they could figure out how many mail in ballots to apply to the election. That’s what they would have done in Texas, I’m convinced.

Tucker Carlson: So you think that was fraud, right?

Ken Paxton: I have no doubt, having been through that whole process.

Tucker Carlson: It wasn’t just a water leak.

Ken Paxton: It was definitely planned. I mean, it would have happened in Texas, I promise.

Tucker Carlson: But can you just stop counting ballots on election night whenever you’re watching tv? Oh, I know.

Ken Paxton: Have you ever seen that before? Ever? For three?

Tucker Carlson: Well, you tell me. You’re the one…

Ken Paxton: I’ve never seen it before in my life. I was like, I knew it when they stopped and Trump is leading in all these states. I knew exactly what they were doing. Because there’s no way to know where those mail in ballots came. Anybody could have filled them out. Anybody. There’s no way to know where those ballots came from.

Tucker Carlson: That’s not a dangerous conspiracy theory.

Ken Paxton: I watched it happen.

Via Collin Rugg:

On Election night in November 2020 President Trump was soundly defeating Joe Biden. The election was won by Trump when Americans went to bed.

Then something took place that Americans had never experienced in over 200 years of its existence. News broke that the battleground states were going to quit counting votes for the night. This had NEVER taken place in US history.

AMUSE reposted this video compilation on Sunday.

Overnight, Democrats dumped hundreds of thousands of mysterious votes for Joe Biden into the battleground states. There was collusion. Four days later even Pennsylvania, where they locked the doors on the counting rooms and prevented Republican observers from entering, had gone to Joe Biden. Trump was ahead in the state by nearly 800,000 votes on Election night!

Flashback: On Election Night Chris Wallace Said Election Workers in MI, PA, WI, NC, GA and NV Had to Stop Counting Because They’re “Normal People” Who “Need to Sleep”

This was classic election fraud. The entire country knew it then and knows it now. The pretenders in the fake news immediately started pushing the notion that Joe Biden, who never held an honest rally the entire election season, had captured 81 million votes. It was the greatest crime in US history.

Today we are starting to understand Attorney General Bill Barr‘s role in this historic criminal act.

The Gateway Pundit wrote about this earlier in the week.

In the coming days The Gateway Pundit will release more evidence on how it was possible for Democrats to pull off this heist.


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