SHOWDOWN: Biden Regime Strikes Back After Texas National Guard Seizes Control of Public Park in Eagle Pass, Kicks Out Border Patrol Agents

The Texas National Guard on Wednesday seized control of a public park in Eagle Pass under Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) emergency declaration amid Biden’s border crisis.

It is estimated that more than 11 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age males – have poured over the border on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

Eagle Pass has been hit hard as trains carrying thousands of illegals from southern Mexico make their way to the region.

Governor Abbott seized control of a public park in Eagle Pass and blocked federal agents from accessing the area.

“All access to the property is limited to state authority only. Border Patrol will be permitted to enter the property to remove their equipment and supplies—Agents will not have access to the area unless there is a medical emergency.” – NewsNation reporter Ali Brady said.

“I am told that the state plans to start arresting all who cross for criminal trespass—This is not under the new illegal entry law #SB4– They have been arresting for criminal trespass for months.” Ali Bradley said.

“Now under Governor Abbott’s emergency declaration, the Texas National Guard has seized control of this park and some surrounding land around the river, put up fencing and razor wire, and kicked out Boarder Patrol agents.” Fox News reported.

The Biden Regime struck back and asked the US Supreme Court to intervene in an emergency application filed early Friday morning.

“In a filing early Friday with the Supreme Court, the Justice Department described the extraordinary standoff between Texas and the federal government. Citing testimony from local officials and photos, the Justice Department said Texas was using armed Guardsmen and vehicles to deny Border Patrol agents and federal National Guard soldiers access to roughly 2.5 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border.” CBS News reported.

“Texas’s new actions,” the Justice Department said, “demonstrate an escalation of the State’s measures to block Border Patrol’s ability to patrol or even to surveil the border and be in a position to respond to emergencies.” the outlet reported.

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