Outrageous! Leftist “Judge” Engoron Bars President Trump from Giving His OWN CLOSING ARGUMENT in Rigged New York Civil Trial – Also Coldly Denies Defense When They Request Delay Due to Melania Trump’s Mother’s Death

Judge Arthur Engoron

Radical left “Judge” Arthur Engoron arbitrarily decided Wednesday to deny President Trump the opportunity to give a closing argument during his civil fraud trial in New York City.

This is the latest example of how he has rigged this entire trial against the 45th President. He even refused a minutia of compassion following the death of Trump’s mother-in-law, who died Tuesday.

As Cristina Laila has reported, tyrannical New York Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James is seeking $250 million in “damages” when there is no victim in this fraud case. She also wants to ban Trump and his sons from operating any businesses in New York.

NBC News noted Trump had previously planned to deliver part of the closing statement himself in the trial, which is his constitutional right. But Engoron responded by listing a series of vague restrictions that made it impossible for Trump’s lawyers to agree to.

CBS News reported Engoron stated that Trump would have had to limit his statement in court to “what is permissible in a counsel’s closing argument, that is, commentary on the relevant, material facts that are in evidence, and application of the relevant law to those facts.” Of course, Engoron has taken every possible action to prevent the truth from emerging.

Laila previously revealed Engoron gagged President Trump’s lawyers, fined Trump twice for violating bogus “gag” orders, and denied his bid for a mistrial in New York. Engoron even yelled at Trump’s attorneys while they defended him and threatened to jail Trump for leaving up post on his Truth Social page.

Engoron’s despicable bias has been so evident that moderate Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) filed a judicial ethics complaint against him. A New York Appellate Judge also paused his order to dissolve the Trump organization back in October.

Given these facts, the “judge” knew Trump’s attorneys would never agree and proceeded to censor Trump one more time using Orwellian language.

Trump attorney Chris Kise wrote in an email to Engoron saying that Trump has “been wrongfully demeaned and belittled by an out of control, politically motivated Attorney General” and he should be allowed to “speak about the things that must be spoken about.”

Kise then requested to postpone closing arguments of the 45th President’s mother-in-law, Amalija Knavs, whom he was close to.

As Fox News reported, Engoron responded to this reasonable request with an insincere “sorry to hear the sad news” and denied it.

He then proceeded to censor Trump one more time using Orwellian language.

Not having heard from you by the third extended deadline (noon today), I assume that Mr. Trump will not agree to the reasonable, lawful limits I have imposed as a precondition to giving a closing statement above and beyond those given by his attorneys, and that, therefore, he will not be speaking in court tomorrow, Engoron wrote.


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