Manchester, New Hampshire Crowd Goes Wild as Heckler Tossed From Trump Rally (VIDEO)

A heckler interrupted President Trump as he spoke to a lively crowd of patriots in Manchester, New Hampshire Saturday evening.

Thousands of supporters came out to see Trump in Manchester ahead of the primary on January 23rd. New Hampshire voters lined up outside in the frigid temps to see Trump.

Trump supporters line up in 15 degree cold to see President Trump today in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Trump immediately called for the heckler to be removed.

“You can get him out of here. Get out of here. Get out of here. Go ahead, you can throw him out.” Trump said as the heckler was tossed out.

The New Hampshire crowd went wild in support of Trump as the troll was thrown out of the SNHU Arena. Trump supporters began chanting “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

“Now we know that politics is getting serious. So now we know we’re getting serious now. He’s just a disturbed person.” Trump said.


President Trump handled the heckler with confidence and continued his speech.

Trump also pointed out the double standards that the government has with Biden. He mentioned the boxes of classified documents stored in Joe Biden’s Delaware garage.

“They raided my home, how would you like to have your home raided?” Trump said.

“Remember he kept classified documents under the wheels of his Corvette. He loves that Corvette, in an open garage with no security.” Trump continued.



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