Massive Election Fraud Involving Thousands of Fraudulent Ballot Registrations Took Place in Michigan in 2020 – Lawless Dana Nessel and Chris Wray Let ALL OF THE PERPETRATORS Walk Scot Free!

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and FBI Director Chris Wray – two peas in a pod.

At one time in American history, election fraud, voter fraud, and ballot registration fraud were perceived as a serious crime and perpetrators were frequently arrested and held accountable. Election fraud is defined as intentional corruption of the election process.

In September 2006, before the midterm elections, The Gateway Pundit reported on numerous cases of voter fraud and ballot registration fraud in the St. Louis region.

In December 2004, The Gateway Pundit later reported that six volunteers for “Operation Big Vote” entered guilty pleas to dozens of election law violations for filling out the cards with names of the dead and other bogus information at a local McDonald’s. Election officials launched an investigation after noticing that among the new voters registered was longtime Alderman Albert “Red” Villa, who died in 1990.

In February 2005, Democrat Nonaresa Montgomery who ran Operation Big Vote, a voter registration group in the St. Louis inner city, was found guilty of perjury in the St. Louis Circuit Court in her voter fraud trial. Montgomery admitted to taking from 1,000 to 1,200 voter registrations to the St. Louis Board of Elections on Feb. 7, 2001, just before the mayoral primary. Workers there launched an investigation after noticing that among the new voters was longtime Alderman Albert “Red” Villa, who died in 1990.

Montgomery told the grand jury that many of the fraudulent cards could have come from Operation Big Vote offices, based on the initials of volunteers and distinctive markings. She also matched initials to the names of more than a half-dozen workers.

At least 16 local Democrats were convicted of election crimes following the 2004 election. One questionable registration was a woman who listed her home address as 200 S. Front St. This, of course, happens to be the address of the Casino Queen gambling boat on the Mississippi River. Democrats were also rumored to buy votes in East St. Louis, Illinois with cash and crack cocaine.

At one time in America, election fraud was seen as a serious crime by both major parties.

But that is not the case anymore.  Not all officials today believe that voter fraud and ballot fraud is a serious crime.

In August 2023, The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported on police reports that emerged from the City of Muskegon Michigan and from the Michigan State Police that documented 8,000-12,000 suspicious voter registration applications turned into City of Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch by GBI Strategies. Meisch called police after noticing that thousands of the fake ballot registrations were fraudulent.

GBI Strategies employee ‘Brianna Hawkins’ was later questioned by an official with the Michigan Attorney General’s office and the Michigan police.

Hawkins told the Michigan officials that it was impossible for big cities and major metro areas to catch the fake voter registrations.

Brianna Hawkins also told investigators that she brought in “hundreds of false applications.”

And Brianna Hawkins also told investigators that once the problems in Muskegon, Michigan went public GBI Strategies owner Gary Bell shut down operations in Miami, Florida.

GBI Strategies was operating in several states at the time before the 2020 election.

These previous reports by The Gateway Pundit, prove that there was widespread, systemic, ongoing voter registration fraud in Michigan in the 2020 election, and that major Democrat officials knew this.  Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel buried the reporting.

Yet far-left zealots like Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel have repeatedly lied and said there was no voter fraud in the 2020 elections, and that the 2020 elections were the safest and most secure in American history.

The Gateway Pundit later learned that the investigation was turned over to Chris Wray’s FBI.  No charges were ever filed against any of the employees for the mulitple crimes committed by the fraudulent ballot registration company.
It’s been over three years since the investigation was turned over to the FBI.  No charges have been filed.  Chris Wray and Dana Nessel buried this major fraud incident.
Democrats and their allies in the FBI and federal government are burying the fraud. Thousands of fraudulent ballot registrations are no big thing – especially when they’re turned in by Democrat-linked groups.
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