Man Who Identifies as ‘Transgender’ and His Lover Convicted of Gruesome Torture and Murder of San Francisco Man

A jury has convicted a man who identifies as “transgender” and his lover for the shocking and horrific torture and murder of a San Francisco man.

Gerald Rowe, 52, and David “Angel” Anderson, 41, met with the victim, 23-year-old George Randall-Saldivar, for what is believed to have been a consensual sexual encounter on February 3, 2019.

The encounter took place at Rowe’s apartment on Market Street in San Francisco.

After the sexual encounter concluded, the transgender man confronted Saldivar with a machete and tied him up.

“A noose was placed around the victim’s neck with the attached rope tethered through a pulley device near the ceiling. The victim’s hands were bound behind his back with zip ties, a strap, and duct tape. The victim was tortured for more than 4 hours in this position as he was screamed at, hit, punched, sodomized, assaulted with plyers, and a bag placed over his head,” the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office wrote in the criminal complaint, according to a report from local station KRON.

After torturing the young man for hours, Rowe left to purchase fentanyl.

The duo injected a fatal dose of the drug into the young man and stuffed him in a suitcase to die.

“Within about 90-seconds, the victim began to convulse and struggle to breathe. Next, while still alive, Mr. Rowe and Ms. Anderson folded the victim into a large rolling suitcase, before zipping it up and waiting for him to die,” the complaint continued.

The next day, roughly 20 hours later, the couple wore disguises to roll the suitcase two miles away and throw it in the water along Rincon Park.

Saldivar’s body was discovered floating in the water on February 18, over two weeks after his murder.

Anderson confessed to the murder two days after the body was discovered. He pleaded guilty to murder, torture, and poisoning.

Rowe was convicted this week of first-degree murder, torture, poisoning, and conspiracy following a jury trial.

KRON reports, “Rowe is currently in custody awaiting his sentencing hearing. He will be sentenced on March 18, and faces life in state prison without the possibility of parole. Anderson is also currently in custody. She will be sentenced to 25–years-to-life in state prison on March 18, the DA’s Office said.”

Local news reports were careful to refer to Anderson as a “woman,” despite being a biological male.


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