JUST IN: Arizona Democrat Secretary of State Says Voter Registration Error is Switching Republican Registrations to Independent Prior to Closed Primary Election

Another supposed error in Arizona’s upcoming Presidential Preference Election was recently discovered to have flipped voter registrations from Republican or Democrat to Independent or “other” in the statewide voter registration system.

UPDATE: Former Arizona Senate President Ken Bennett told The Gateway Pundit that this error is being made by election workers operating the voter registration system who forget to fill in the party field of a voter registration update. If they don’t fill in the proper field with party preference, voter registration forms will automatically default to “other.”

Arizona’s Presidential Elections have closed primaries, meaning that only registered Republicans or Democrats can vote in their party’s primary.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office reportedly acknowledged this issue and noted it is “currently impacting all recognized party preference values” in an email to Arizona county recorders. Adrian Fontes, who served as Maricopa County Recorder during the stolen 2020 election, is the current Arizona Secretary of State.

Still, the only example that was provided is for Republican voter registrations. The email reads,

Please, as you action VR Updates make sure your team verifies the correct voter party preference is selected until AVID is updated to account for this unexpected change. For example, when processing an EZ Voter registration the party may be marked as “Other” and “Republican Party” is written in. This example record would need to have the party preference marked as “Republican”.

In a way, this appears to be a push for open primary elections and rank-choice voting, which is already being pursued with a ballot initiative titled “Make Elections Fair Arizona Act.”

Arizona Republicans have opposed this measure, citing “voter disenfranchisement and confusion,” while Democrats have refused to comment on their stance, according to Fox 10.

Fontes, appearing to advocate against political parties restricting their primary elections, previously noted that the current open primary rule for Arizona’s regular primary elections does not apply to Presidential Preference Elections.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Adrian Fontes and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, the two most prominent election officials in Arizona, also spoke at an event in Phoenix last year to discuss election reform, where they both advocated for ranked-choice voting.

The Republican primary is expected to be more contested than the Democratic primary as liberal megadonors like Reed Hoffman pour massive amounts of money into Nikki Haley’s campaign. It appears that this may help Nikki Haley in Arizona, considering Democrats’ plans to rig the primaries by registering as Republicans to vote against Trump.

After exhausting the scheme to rig the voting machines on election day so that 60% fail on in-person voters, as they did for Republican voters last election, it appears Arizona’s crooked election officials are working on a new way to take Trump out.

Via Merissa Hamilton on X:


We are less than 30 days out for the Presidential Preference Election voter registration deadline (2/20/24) which is a closed Primary Election

This means only Registered Republicans can vote in the Primary for President

So of course, the AZ Secretary of State announces that there’s a glitch in the system flipping updated voter registrations to Independent

Here’s how to make sure you are ballot ready to vote for President Trump: Go to azsupervoter.com and click the button to verify your current voter registration status If you are Registered Independent, you have until Feb 20th to update it to your Party Preference (it needs to be Republican to vote for President Trump)

Add a reminder to check your voter registration status on Feb 20th in the morning to make sure it still says you are registered with Republican as your Party preference

Take a screenshot showing your Party preference so that when you go to vote, you have proof you updated it

We can beat the poor election administration in Arizona as long as we get involved and double and triple check our voter records!

This could also impact the 2024 General election with the same errors that were seen in 2022, where Republicans were forced to vote provisionally on election day due to random changes in their voter registrations.

Arizona Daily Independent reports,

Governor Katie Hobbs’ Elections Task Force’s final report issued in November 2023, which critics described as a “confession,” addressed the systemic failures of the EZ Voter system.

Those failures were brought into sharp focus as a result of the narrow vote split between Kris Mayes and Abe Hamadeh in the 2022 Arizona Attorney General’s race.

Hamadeh was found during a statewide recount announced Dec. 29 to have fallen short of Mayes by 280 votes out of more than 2.5 million ballots.

While Hamadeh’s attorneys prepared for his election challenge, they discovered a number of issues that disenfranchised certain voters, among those were Arizona residents who were forced to cast provisional ballots through no fault of their own, but through failures in Arizona’s dysfunctional voter registration system.

This is not a good sign for the integrity of Arizona’s 2024 election.

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