Hillary Clinton Gets Roasted into Oblivion After Posting Cringeworthy Message Regarding Barbie’s Director and Lead Actress Both Getting ‘Snubbed’ By the Oscars

Crooked Hillary Clinton decided to emerge from hiding Wednesday to weigh on the controversy surrounding the woke Barbie movie and got roasted into oblivion.

Lead actress Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig joined forces to turn Barbie into the ultimate feminist, male-bashing film. Moreover, the movie includes anti-mother and trans propaganda aimed at little girls.

While Barbie was nominated for numerous awards, the film’s fans were enraged after Robbie and Gerwig were not recognized. The fans were especially furious after Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Ken.

Hillary responded by posting an incredibly cringeworthy message saying Robbie and Gerwig are “so much more than “Kenough” despite not taking “home the gold.” She closed by including the hashtag #HillaryBarbie.

Conservatives on social media, who are certainly no fans of Crooked Hillary or Barbie, responded with creative messages mocking her.

Hillary getting embarrassed and Barbie getting ‘snubbed’ are two things worth celebrating. Hopefully, the film leaves the Oscars empty-handed.


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