Gross. NBC News Covers for Bill Clinton Even After Documents Show “Doe 36” Liked the Young Girls on Epstein Island (VIDEO)

It’s come to this. The mainstream media is now openly defending the alleged child sex abusers.

The anchor on NBC News defended Bill Clinton on Wednesday night after legal documents were released that show he likes young girls on Epstein Island.

NBC Hews host: I should mention, none of this obviously suggests any wrongdoing by the former president suggests that he was involved in a crime. It’s merely talking about his connections to Epstein, something that has already, again, been out there. But he has obviously maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing as it relates to any abuse by people that Epstein exploited. Tom, about interactions that Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, Clinton may have had with Jeffrey Epstein.

She specifically asked about meals with Clinton. She says she can’t recollect any meals with him. She’s asked about whether he may being Clinton may have had a meal on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. She says, quote, “I’m sure that he had a meal on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane.” So, Tom, these are the types of interactions that we expected. Much of this has already been reported in the public domain, but it’s different now, of course, seeing it in a court filing.

They’re defending the perpetrators. They really have no shame!

Ultra Pepe Lives added: It’s time to put the nail in the coffin and ditch the mainstream media for good. They are actively protecting pedophiles.
“I should mention none of this suggests any wrong doing, suggests he was involved in a crime.”

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