Gateway: Beyond the Headlines Iowa Caucus 2024 Special – 7 PM Eastern

Tonight, Election 2024 kicks off!!! Vigilant News Network CEO Chris Barron joins Ivory to discuss the Iowa caucuses and how a caucus works. Then, Tim Cramer, Gateway Pundit contributor, talks to Ivory about Trump’s rally in a freezing Iowa.

As Iowa voters cast the first ballots of the cycle, President Trump holds a commanding lead in the polls; Trump deals with hecklers (as only Trump can); and are we on the verge of World War III – Trump thinks so. John Pierce, Chairman of the National Constitutional Law Union joins Ivory to discuss.

Joey Mannarino, host of the Joey Mannarino Show, joins Ivory to talk about the state of play in Iowa on Election Day! Trump poised to break the Bush ceiling; war hawk Nikki Haley strangely claims she can prevent war; Ron DeSantis claims Trump needs his ring kissed; and Vivek and Trump trade blows ahead of the votes being cast!

Michelle Bachus, Real America’s Voice correspondent, reports live from Iowa on why Democrats bailed on a caucus this year, could Democrats surge to the polls for Nikki Haley and the latest ABC poll on Biden’s leadership.

Ivory closes out the show asking why RNC leaders met with Chinese Communist party officials and why a former MI6 spy chief thinks a Trump victory could be a threat to the UK.


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WATCH: (Video will be available at 7 PM ET)


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