Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 01/26/24 — Mike Lindell’s Take on Voting Machine Controversy, Mitch McConnell to Blame Trump’s Role in Border Deal Failures, GA State Rep. Charlice Byrd Weighs In on Atlanta DA’s Controversy

Tonight, on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines with Ivory Hecker:

Are new terrorist attacks due on US soil thanks to an open border? A new letter suggests a warning – plus 25 states now stand with Texas in the ongoing border security fight between the state of Texas and the Biden Administration. Will supportive states send their National Guard troops to stand with Texas? And in Washington, Sen. Mitch McConnell warns leaders that if a border deal fails, Trump is to blame. What’s the context beyond these stories? Independent journalist Auden Cabello joins Ivory.

Then, the CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, joins the show to discuss the full scope of this week’s courtroom voting machine hack. Plus, a mayor wins their race after one of his associates is filmed stuffing a drop box – all while a Republican won another race in a landslide in a Democrat stronghold. What’s next for voting security?

Next, Georgia State Representative Charlice Byrd joins the show to discuss the investigation into the Atlanta DA’s explosive correspondence with the White House in her attempt to target Trump. And with Biden in Wisconsin yesterday, Kamala Harris’ “threat” about democracy and what it means for the next election.

And the hottest story of the day – President Trump walked out of court today during Jean Caroll’s trial against him. Jesse Binnall, Trump’s Attorney, has the details.

Finally, with the most recent lunar rover upside down on the Moon, what’s the future of exploration missions? Ivory has all the details.

This and more, tonight on Beyond the Headlines.


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