Epstein List: Pedophile’s Assistant Sarah Kellen Awaits the Release of Documents, as She Holds Her ‘Mountain of Insider Secrets’ as Her ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’

The attention of the world is focused on the release of a list of 170 High Profile People with ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Rumors first told that the release had been postponed, then other information has surfaced that the first part of the list would be released today.

Through all that drama, one person is awaiting the revelations with an extra dose of expectation, for very personal reasons.

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Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s former assistant, is ‘quietly waiting’ for the court documents to be released, exposing hundreds of people with ties to the pedophile’s sex-trafficking ring.

Kellen, who allegedly scheduled the ‘massages’ in which Epstein sexually abused his victims, may or may not be mentioned in the list.

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Reports arise now that she is ready to use her ‘mountain of insider secrets’ to negotiate her way out of trouble.

New York Post reported:

“Kellen has reportedly held her cards close to her chest over the last few years in anticipation of such an unveiling that could identify her as an integral partner to the perverted operation.

‘She had a front-row seat to the debauchery. What she knows would shock the world’, a source close to Kellen and her husband, former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, told the Messenger. ‘She has so much to say, to plead her case’.”

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Starting in the 2000s, Kellen worked for Epstein for several years . She has been called a ‘knowing participant’ in his trafficking of underage girls.

Kellen and her former NASCAR driver husband Brian Vickers have enjoyed basic anonymity and privacy and freedom for many years, an insider has told the press.

“The source said Kellen — who previously claimed she was regularly sexually abused by Epstein — could write a tell-all book detailing what she knows about her boss and Maxwell, but has remained quiet in order to keep the information as a ‘get out of jail free card’.

‘It’s more valuable for her to hold onto the information should she need it to stay free’, the source said.”

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Kellen has never been charged with a crime, but she was named in documents filed in a since-settled 2015 defamation lawsuit Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre brought against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska ruled that the court documents from this suit could be unsealed this year.

Daily Mail reported:

“Now, as the court documents are set to be unsealed today, there is speculation that Kellen could be again linked to the financier’s sex trafficking ring.

Kellen and her husband, former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, have lived out of the public eye in recent years, despite Epstein’s death and Maxwell having been convicted and jailed.”

Sources close to the couple weigh in about their life:

“She and Vickers are understood to currently be living in a luxury Miami Beach ‘fortress’ that features private entrances to ensure Kellen cannot be surprised with subpoenas.

Kellen told The Sun in 2020 that she had been falsely ‘made out to be such a monster’ and alleged to also be ‘victim of Jeffrey Epstein’. She said she was ‘raped and abused weekly’.”

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