CNN Story About Massachusetts and Illinois ‘Voters’ Who Want Trump Off the Ballot Leaves Out One Key Detail

CNN is reporting that ‘voters’ want Trump off the 2024 ballot in Massachusetts and Illinois, but by using the vague term ‘voters’ they are actually obscuring one of the most important aspects of the story. Just how many ‘voters’ are they talking about?

It’s a classic trick the media uses to advance a narrative they like. Make it sound like the issue is supported by a majority by burying the actual numbers somewhere in the report.

The Associated Press got in on this too.

Years ago, this sort of trickery may have worked once in a while, but people are on to them these days.

Twitchy reports:

The media’s latest attempt at ‘making yellow journalism great again’ comes courtesy of CNN, who tried to report on a story about yet two MORE states where they are trying to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot. You know, to ‘protect’ democracy.

Looking at the headline in this tweet, you’d think people all over the states of Illinois and Massachusetts are rising up against the Bad Orange Man.

Except … yeah, not so much.

Just a cursory examination of the facts here shows that the petitions in both states are not a grassroots voter movement, but instead a coordinated attack from one far-left activist group, Free Speech for People (yes, we laughed at the irony of the group’s name too).

But it gets even better. The ‘groups of voters’ CNN refers to in Illinois? It was five people. Not 5,000. Not 500. Not even 50.


CNN and the Associated Press could have said ‘five anti-Trump activists’ but called them ‘voters’ instead because that sounds like more than five people. It also sounds like people in general, rather than activists with an agenda.

No matter how much you despise the media, it isn’t enough.


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