Chicago Public Schools Have Lost $23 Million Worth of ‘Free’ Laptops and Other Electronic Devices Provided to Students in One Year (VIDEO)

Public schools in Chicago have lost $23 million worth of laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices provided for ‘free’ to students. As many as 77,000 of these devices have just vanished into thin air.

Where did they go and who stole them?

Taxpayers are constantly lectured about public schools needing more funding and better equipment. Perhaps this is why so many people roll their eyes when they hear that argument.

FOX News reports:

Chicago Public Schools lost $23M worth of laptops, iPads and other devices in 1 year, report says

An annual report from the Inspector General of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) revealed that millions of dollars worth of tech devices were reported lost or stolen “without appropriate search and recovery efforts.”

The fiscal year 2023 annual report released Tuesday states CPS schools reported 77,505 tech devices as lost or stolen during the 2021-22 school year, totaling well over $23 million in original purchase price.

The discovery, as a result of the district’s first post-COVID-19 inventory, calls the numbers “unacceptably high” and says the oversight process is in need of a “serious overhaul.”

The report said the missing items included laptops, iPads, Wi-Fi hotspots, printers, document cameras and interactive whiteboards.

“At three dozen schools, 100 percent of tech devices assigned specifically to students were marked lost or stolen, inventory data showed,” the district report states.

During the same school year, CPS shelled out upwards of $124 million on “technology assets,” which the report said was the most in the last five school years.

See the video report below:

Will anyone be held accountable? Of course not.

Government waste like this happens because they’re spending other people’s money.

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