CATCHING THE FRAUD: Check My Vote Investigators Uncover FAKE MI Addresses On Voter Rolls—One Address Has 19 Registered Voters—8 of Them VOTED In 2020 and 2022 Elections

If you’re someone who’d like to live in a state where lawfare is used against citizens based on political affiliation, statewide voter registration fraud investigations are hidden by elected officials from clerks and citizens, or where the state’s top election official repeatedly lies to the public and has been smacked down in the courts multiple times over rulings or decisions she’s made that are unlawful—then Michigan’s the place for you.

Michigan citizens and clerks across the state were not informed of an ongoing statewide voter registration fraud investigation that began only one month before the 2020 election. SOS Jocelyn Benson (D) and MI AG Dana Nessel (D)


In 2016, Donald J. Trump shocked the nation when he won the state of Michigan, but in 2020, the nation watched his significant lead disappear in the wee hours of the morning on the day after the 2020 election

With 90.9% of the vote accounted for in 2020, Joe Biden went from trailing President Donald J. Trump in Michigan the entire day to suddenly taking an incredible 200,000 vote lead. 

Election-related lawsuits were dismissed by leftist judges across the state of Michigan, the life of the teenage daughter of Monica Palmer, chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers was threatened after she refused to vote to certify the Detroit election, where the election results were being called into question. According to official records, key signatures that are reportedly required to certify the 2020 election are STILL missing from the document in Wayne County!

Antrim County, MI became a national news story when it was discovered that tens of thousands of votes tabulated by a Dominion voting machine were flipped from Trump to Biden, inexplicably giving Joe Biden the lead in a solidly red (Republican county). The “mistake” was simply explained away to outraged voters as “human error” by the clerk.

In Oakland County, MI, the incumbent Republican County Commissioner Adam Kochenderfer falsely believed he had lost his re-election bid after a local clerk sent ballots from several precincts over to the county — twice.

“I received a call from the Oakland County Elections Division telling me that there had been a technical glitch in several precincts,” Adam Kochenderfer revealed on Facebook: “Instead of losing by 104 votes, I won by 1,127.”

The Gateway Pundit obtained footage from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Detroit absentee ballot drop boxes in 2020 showing several individuals and even USPS workers dropping off stacks of ballots while they appear to be taking photos or filming their activity with cell phones.

Instead of calling for an investigation into the activity seen by citizens across the United States, Michigan’s SOS Jocelyn Benson called the US Postal worker’s activity “normal and legal,” on the official MI SOS website. In a phone conversation with USPS Detroit District Manager Rick Morton, he confirmed that postal workers are not permitted to deliver mail to any location other than the address on the envelope and that the behavior seen in the Gateway Pundit drop box videos is not allowed. The communications director at the Detroit USPS office assured me the workers seen in the videos have been “disciplined” and the videos we shared are being used to train new postal workers about what NOT to do.

When the “Republican”- led Michigan Senate issued a report saying there was no evidence of widespread fraud, Democrat leadership praised them, and exclaimed Michigan’s 2020 election, where windows were covered at the TCF Center after Republican poll challengers were locked of the room where absentee ballots were being counted at the TCF Center in Detroit.

Image – Kimberly P. Mitchell Detroit Free Press

The Gateway Pundit obtained footage showing a black vehicle preceding a white van filled with absentee ballots that entered the back hallways of the TCF Center to make an early morning ballot drop. In the video, the driver of the black vehicle can be seen pulling up to a door in the hallway, where suddenly, an election worker dressed in black walks to his window and appears to hand him something through the window. The driver of the black vehicle pulls away and the whie van enters and begins to unload the van with the help of election officials. Meanwhile, Michigan’s Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson called the election of 2020 the “most transparent and secure election in history.”

And now, for the latest potentially game-changing issue that MUST be fixed before the 2024 election, thanks to Michigan’s massively over-bloated voter rolls, which includes fake addresses, which turns into fake registrations, which turn into fake voters…

Check My Vote founder Tim Vetter has contacted the Gateway Pundit with another huge potential voter fraud story out of Holland, MI, where it has been discovered by one of his teams of over 100 volunteer investigators that 19 people have been registered by the MI DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to vote at a non-existent (fake) address. According to Vetter’s research, “There is no such address, and no one is paying taxes on the lot.”

These voters are using illegitimate extensions attached to their addresses as well. For example, a proper voter registration MUST include the words “Apt.” (apartment) or “Unit” (condo) to identify their exact address. In addition to many of the extensions used by the registered voters at the non-existent address not including the prefix “Apt.” or “Unit,” but a mix of prefix’s are used for the same address, including APT, STE and UNIT. And finally, at the same non-existent address, some of the identifying numbers have 3 digits, while others have 4 digits, including numbers that go as high as Apt. 8009. Only two of the #’s match and the alleged voter who is registered at the #282 address both have the same last name.

Vetter used a service called “Regrid” to verify that 430 E. 48th St in Holland, MI is not a valid address.

But wait…it gets worse.

According to the QVF (Qualified Voter Rolls) in Michigan, there are 19 fake registrations at this non-existent address and  8 of the registered voters actually voted in the critically important 2020 and 2022 elections.

Voter #1 voted Absentee in the 2022 election. Their address is #234

Voter #2 voted in person on Election Day in  2020 and on Election Day in 2022. Their address is listed as Unit 260

Voter # 3 (#4 on the list above) voted Absentee in 2020. Their address is listed as #5028

Voter #4 (#5 on the list above) voted in person on Election Day in 2020. Their address is listed as Unit 8008

Voter #5 (#6 on the list above) voted in person on Election Day in 2020. Their address is listed as Ste 170

Voter #6 (#7 on the list above) voted Absentee in 2020. Their address is listed as Unit 1012

Voter #7 (#8 on the list above) voted in person on Election Day in 2020 and again in person on Election Day in 2022. Their address is listed as  STE 1001

Voter #8 (#15 on the list above) voted on Election Day in 2020. Their address is listed as Apt 5111

To summarize: Seven voters from the same address voted  both “absentee” and “in person” in 2020. The voters are all registered to vote at 430 E 48th St. in Holland, MI. Their prefixes range from #260, #5028, Unit 8008, Ste 170, Unit 1012, Ste 1001 and Apt. 5111. Three votes were cast by registered voters at the non-existent address in Holland, MI in 2022 from #234, Unit 260 and STE 1001.

The image below shows a home on one side of what the Allegan County Clerk Bob Genetski has confirmed is an illegitmate address on 48th St. and Nelson Steel Products factory is located on the other side at 410 E. 48th St.

We spoke with Allegan County Clerk Bob Genetski who confirmed that the 430 E 48th St address in Holland, MI, which is under his jurisdiction, is indeed an invalid address. Mr. Genetski told us that he was recently contacted by a woman who was furious to discover her husband, who is a Canadian citizen, was recently registered to vote after visiting the local DMV office. The woman told the Allegan County clerk’s office that because her husband is not a US citizen, it’s a felony for her husband to vote in the US. She demanded his name be removed from the list of registered Michigan voters, saying she doesn’t want him to be held responsible if someone else uses his name to vote illegally.  Bob Genetski told us he believes the voter rolls should be compared a list from the DHS that would allow the SOS office to identify non-US citizens who’ve been registered to vote in the state of Michigan.

When Allegan County Clerk Bob Genetski was alerted about the 19 registrations, he sent individual pieces of mail to each of the 19 registered voters at the alleged non-existent address. Mr. Genetski told us he only recieved one piece of mail back with an “undeliverable” notification. So what happened to the other 18 pieces of mail?

The matter has now been turned over to the Holland City Police where it is currently being investigated.

ERIC, the so-called voter roll maintenance organization, has been hired in Michigan to clean up the voter rolls. Mr. Genetiski told us if ERIC was doing its job, it would have caught this glaring RED FLAG. But alas, ERIC, the system founded by lefitist Democrat David Becker, has been proven in multiple states to be a disaster, causing nine states (so far) to dump the ridiculous voter roll maintenance program.


States on the ERIC System. went from 32 to 23 since the 2020 election – Thanks to the reporting by The Gateway Pundit.

Jay Valentine, an outspoken critic of ERIC, explained the importance of citizens getting involved to help clean up the voter rolls, especially in states where ERIC is being used. He told the Gateway Pundit, “Technology enables any citizen to see voter roll fraud – thus an entire voter integrity industry is disrupted. For decades, voter rolls were hard to obtain and harder to peruse. Desktop tools ended that franchise, but the efforts were generally manual and tedious.

After 2020, thousands of curious, angry patriots crawled through voter rolls and found the obvious stuff – dead people, multiple people living at an address – where when checked, did not live there. This created a little industry of voter integrity teams who now had more data than the national organizations who raised money for white papers and seminars.

In 2022, the ugly truth came home – those fake, dead, moved voters, found by the hundreds of thousands are not coming off voter rolls. Judges, election commissions, governors said “no way!” These desktop teams now resign themselves to evening Zoom calls bemoaning their failure to clean voter rolls – as Republicans hurtle to another nasty electoral surprise in 2024.” is a website, co-founded by Phani Mantravadi and Tim Vetter, that can be used by everyday Michigan citizens to review registrations and vote history located at any address in Michigan. Any bad registrations can be flagged to be confirmed by Election Patriots to become the people’s data which will validate future absentee ballots during election season.

Tim Vetter has over 42,000 similar registrations auto-flagged by the National Change of Address system (NCOA) located at potential bad addresses which they are currently investigating in the state of Michigan.

Vetter explained that the Michigan clerks simply don’t have the resources to track down these illegitmate addresses and voters since massive funding has been given to ERIC, they must rely on them to clean up Michigan’s voter rolls. To make matters worse, in 2022, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed two separate bills by Republican lawmakers aimed at cleaning up Michigan’s voter rolls.

In April 2022, a pair of bills were passed by the then-Republican legislature aimed at cleaning up the voter rolls and then sent to Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s desk, where she vetoed them.

The bills would have required election workers to mail out notices to a few hundred voters with an unknown birth date listed in the state’s qualified voter file as well as to more than 300,000 estimated people who hadn’t voted since 2000.

Tracy Wimmer, the spokesperson for Michigan’s Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson said the bills “would burden clerks and voters and ultimately prevent those bills from accomplishing their original purpose.” She added, “So, because of those feelings, we ended up opposing them.”

In her veto letter to the Michigan Legislature, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seemed to take a similar stance. She outlined election-related reforms she would support, like expanding military voting access and creating a permanent absentee voter list.

Meanwhile, volunteers in Michigan who are committed to stopping election fraud are working feverishly to clean up the fraud caused by excessive and unregulated overseas voting and the now, a massive permanent absentee voter list that became law in November 2022, when a deceptive amendment to the MI Constitution, (Prop 2), that was advertised as an “election integrity” amendment was passed by the newly elected Democrat majority. Provisions in Proposal 2 make it possible to automatically register anyone 18 or older who obtains or renews a driver’s license with the DMV. The registered voters are also added to the permanent absentee voter database in Michigan (unless they specifically ask to opt out).

Should employees at the DMV, which is also under the jurisdiction of the MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, be held responsible  for registering voters at non-existent addresses and non-US citizens? Who is ultimately responsible for removing an estimated 42,000 illegitmate addresses on Michigan’s voter rolls, according to numbers provided to Tim Vetter by the NCOA (National Change of Address Organization) before the 2024 election?

Another big problem with the voter rolls is dead people who MI SOS Benson (curiously) is fighting to keep on the QVF (Qualified Voter Files)…

MI Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer

When MI SOS Jocelyn Benson was asked to remove over 26,000 dead voters from the voter rolls prior to the 2020 election, she refused.

In September 2022, MI SOS Benson was sued by the Public Interest Legal Foundation who demanded she remove the dead voters.

Judge Jane M. Beckering, an appointee of President Joe Biden, rejected Benson’s demand to dismiss the lawsuit filed against her claiming she refused to remove almost 26,000 dead individuals from the state’s voter rolls.

According to Heritage – The lawsuit was filed six weeks before the November 2020 presidential election. Benson was sent a detailed, carefully vetted list of deceased Michigan residents who were still registered to vote: 23,663 of these registered voters had been dead for at least five years, 17,479 had been dead for at least a decade and 3,956 had been dead for at least two decades. This list, according to the lawsuit, exposes the flaws in Michigan’s procedures for ensuring the accuracy of its voter list.

After trying to get cooperation from Benson for almost a year and a half, PILF was finally forced to sue her.

Instead of simply settling the lawsuit, Benson filed a motion to dismiss the case. Her spokeswoman bizarrely called the lawsuit an attempt to “undermine American democracy.”

Are Michigan’s elections intentionally designed to allow election fraud to be committed with ease while putting multiple layers of safeguards in place to make it difficult to catch?

Tim Vetter, a concerned Michigan citizen, is a hero, who volunteers an untold number of hours every week trying to uncover red flags in Michigan’s voter rolls that MI SOS Benson refuses to clean up before the 2024 election. “Bottom line is, chain of custody for absentee ballots is a serious issue,” Tim Vetter told us.

Investigators who work on teams at Check My Vote are thoroughly vetted, and according to Vetter he currently has over 100 individuals working with his group to do the job ERIC should be doing in Michigan to protect the integrity of the elections.

Please go to the website and sign up if you’d like to volunteer.


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