Britain Is a Far Cry from What It Once Was, Especially Its Current Military

When I saw the news on Andrei Martyanov’s latest podcast that Britain’s Royal Navy posted a job notice for an Admiral to run Britain’s submarine service I thought he had been hoodwinked by the Babylon Bee. Nope! Andrei, as always, is on top of the latest developments. Several media outlets are reporting that:

The Royal Navy was forced to advertise for a top job on social media in a move described as “utterly shameful” by military sources.

Navy chiefs posted the advertisement for the £150,000-a-year rear-admiral position on LinkedIn in December as it struggled to fill the role internally. . . .

The chosen candidate would replace Rear-Admiral Simon Asquith as director of submarines and would be responsible for “elite operations” and the nation’s nuclear deterrent.

Got that? There is no one currently in the Royal Navy that is considered competent and qualified to command the submarines, which are the principal delivery system for the UK’s nukes. So, some chucklehead in the Royal Navy thought, “Hey, let’s post a notice on LinkedIn and see what we get.” Are the Brits looking for a snappy dressing transgender with purple hair who is skilled in the use of pronouns?

I have an idea. I nominate Admiral Rachel Levine:

At first glance you’d think this was a nasty prank by the Monty Python crew. Maybe Benny Hill came back to life and decided to take a piss on the Royal Navy. The absurdity of this not only defies words, but it compels any clear thinking analyst to conclude that the once mighty imperial military power of Great Britain has become a clown show.

I guess we must now accept the fact that the iconic song, “Rule, Britannia,” is pure satire. Britain rule the waves? Hell, Britain does not have enough sailors to staff its puny fleet, which tends to break down.

According to the Independent (a British newspaper):

The Royal Navy was forced to decommission two warships – HMS Westminster and HMS Argyll – because it had too few sailors to staff them.

Not only is the Royal Navy unable to recruit enough sailors to man (or woman) battle stations, it is struggling to keep its ships afloat and at sea. Remember this from August of 2022?

Britain’s £3 billion warship HMS Prince of Wales is being stripped for parts after a major mechanical failure last year.

The aircraft carrier broke down after technical issues centred on the starboard side propeller last August led to the cancellation of a long-planned visit to the US.

The incident, off the coast of the Isle of Wight, occurred less than 24 hours into the passage across the Atlantic.

The warship’s port propeller also needs to be replaced as it is suffering from the same issues, according to the Mail on Sunday.

While in dry dock in Scotland, some parts from HMS Prince of Wales are being stripped and used to replace broken items on her sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

When a navy cannot properly maintain and repair its ships, that is a navy that is sinking towards oblivion. It is not just the Royal Navy that is a cock up. The entire British military is bleeding personnel and suffering double-digit declines in recruitment, according to the Independent:

Intake for the Navy and Royal Marines dropped 22.1 per cent compared with the previous year, while the RAF dropped by almost 17 per cent and the Army by nearly 15 per cent.

Let’s have a new rule — no member of the British army, navy or air force should be allowed on any media platform to comment on the supposed dismal state of the Russia military. Have the decency to keep your mouths shut. Fix your own damn house before you venture out to instruct others. But there is another problem.

Do you know the name of the country that had the lead in training Ukrainian forces for their ill-fated counter-offensive? If you guessed Britain, give yourself a gold star. No wonder the Ukrainians got crushed.

Watch Andrei tear the UK military establishment a much-deserved new orifice. Britain is a military lightweight. Russian and Chinese military analysts must be laughing themselves to exhaustion as they watch the British military.


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