BREAKING: Journalist Stephen Baker Releases Statement After DOJ Threatens Prosecution Following His Video Report Indicting J6 Capitol Police Officers of Perjury

The Blaze contributor Stephen Baker

Nearly three years after the January 6, 2021 fedsurrection, Blaze reporter Stephen Baker reported in December that he will be charged for his actions that day reporting on the event.

Steve wrote in October that he was under investigation for the past two years by Chris Wray’s FBI for reporting at the historic protests in Washington DC.

Even reporters aren’t safe from this tyrannical regime. Steve expected to be charged by the Biden regime.

Steve is no ordinary reporter, in the past year he found and published stories about video evidence that contradicts claims made by the Department of Justice – and evidence presented by the DOJ – in various trials of the January 6 defendants.

In July, The Gateway Pundit and Cowboy Logic offered proof that the DOJ edited video to incriminate the Oath Keepers during their trial.

The DOJ’s star witness in the Oath Keepers trial, Special Agent David Lazarus. lied under oath and was not present during an alleged confrontation as he testified in court. He was in a different location. In July 2023, Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen co-hosts of Cowboy Logic on Real America’s Voice, released evidence that the Biden DOJ edited footage from January 6 in order to convict innocent January 6 protesters and Oath Keepers members.

Steve Baker was the first to uncover the entire video that proves Officer Lazarus lied under oath during the Oath Keeper’s trial.

Recently Stephen Baker reported that the person who discovered the mysterious pipe bomb at the DNC on January 6 was an undercover officer.

Now the FBI is after him.

On Monday Stephen Baker’s attorneys released a statement.

“My name is Stephen Baker, and I am a journalist. I am now employed by Blaze Media, but I have been a freelance writer and journalist for more than 25 years. I have covered newsworthy events around the country for over ten years. I went to Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, just like dozens of other journalists, and I covered the events of the day.

For more than 30 months, it has been said to me by representatives of the Department of Justice that I am under investigation, and twice, I have been told that an indictment charging me with crimes would be filed within a matter of days.

For the past 8 months, I have been reviewing non-public closed-circuit television video and body-worn camera video in the possession of Congress at the invitation of the Speaker of the House. I have found and published stories about video evidence that contradicts claims made by the Department of Justice – and evidence presented by the DOJ – in various trials of the January 6 defendants.

After not having indicted me for 3 years, it is clear that any move to do so now will be in retaliation for my reporting – first about apparently perjured testimony by key government witnesses Harry Dunn and David Lazarus, and now about the true identity of the “passerby” who discovered the pipe bomb outside the DNC headquarters a short distance from the Capitol. The “passerby” was actually a U.S. Capitol Police Officer.

I will not be intimidated. I will continue to report the findings of my investigation into the evidence being made available to me to review. I have followed and reported on dozens of trials of January 6 defendants, and the more I investigate, the greater is my unease at what is being done in the name of “justice.”

Stephen Baker
January 22, 2024

Here is the statement by Stephen Baker and his attorneys James Lee Bright, Matthew P. Ceradini, etal.

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