Biden Stands with Blank Stare in Pennsylvania Bike Shop – Is Treated Like a Toddler by Staff (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania on Friday. Instead of giving his typical rambling speech, he toured the town wandering into different businesses to greet people. As usual, he looked confused and disoriented.

“Biden visits South Mountain Cycle bicycle shop, on Main Street in Emmaus. He appears to be shaking hands with employees. Gov. Josh Shapiro, Sen. Bob Casey and Allentown Mayor Matt Tuerk are also visiting Emmaus as part of the president’s delegation.” – WFMZ reported.

Biden used the smaller staircase when he arrived in Pennsylvania. He did not take any questions as he deplaned.


Biden spent his time walking around businesses and greeting employees.


As Joe walked into the South Mountain Cycle bike shop on Main Street, a woman said to him, “Look! He wrote his name on his shirt so that you can find him.”

Biden was treated like a toddler as he shuffled around these small businesses in Allentown.


As Biden was being introduced to more employees at the bike shop, he stood there with a blank stare on his face.


This is supposed to be the leader of the Free World? Is it any wonder that our nation has lost respect around the world?

Biden was hiding out for three days before heading to Pennsylvania. TGP reported on Thursday that Karine Jean Pierre would not answer questions about his whereabouts.

81-year-old Joe Biden has been kept from public view for three days in a row and the White House refuses to say why.


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