Biden Domestic And Foreign Policy Implosion

Do you know what an implosion is? Let me show you.

That is what is happening to Joe Biden. Let’s start with the domestic implosion taking place because of the flood of illegal immigrants. Texas has deployed the National Guard to its border and is preventing the Federal Government from cutting the barb wire walls the Guard has erected. The Biden Administration sought judicial relief with the Supreme Court, which decided by a 5 to 4 majority to back the Biden Administration. Governor Abbot of Texas responded, “Fuck you.”

Texas is relying on the Constitution, which gives States the right to defend themselves if invaded, even if the Federal Government refuses to act.

Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3

The Texas Guard continues to put up razor wire to hinder illegal migrants from entering the United States.

Abbot is not alone. Twenty two other States weighed in on Abbot’s side. Here’s the map.

. A majority of Americans are pissed off about the Federal Government’s refusal to enforce immigration law. Hell, even Democrat Mayors are crying about this:

Immigration will be one of the deciding issues in the November Presidential election and public opinion is backing Trump, not Biden. If the Biden Administration decides to confront Texas over Governor Abbott’s policies to staunch the flood of migrants it is likely to ignite a national crisis that will be damaging to Biden’s hopes of snagging a second term.

Now to the foreign policy front. Biden and his feckless team are being humiliated by the Houthis. Despite launching a series of bombings inside Yemen, the Houthis are showing no sign of retreating. In fact, they defeated a U.S. Navy effort to escort two container ships through the troubled straits leading into the Red Sea:

“The US Navy has turned both ships around and is escorting them back to the Gulf of Aden.”

Maersk Line Ltd said it was suspending transits in the region until further notice because of the escalation of risk.

“While en route, both ships reported seeing explosions close by and the US Navy accompaniment also intercepted multiple projectiles. The crew, ship and cargo are safe and unharmed.”

While the decision to transit remains at the discretion of individual vessels and companies, it is recommended that US-flag and US-owned commercial vessels remain North of 18N in the Red Sea or East of 46E in the Gulf of Aden until further notice,” the agency said.

Yemen’s position is clear. Any ship headed to Israel will be stopped. Any ship owned by Israel or the United States or the United Kingdom will be stopped. All other ships may pass.

The Biden Administration is flailing in its attempt to stop the Houthis. The world outside the West is seeing the United States as a paper tiger or, if you prefer a fairy tale version, the big bad wolf. Biden is huffing and puffing but cannot blow the Houthi brick house down.

I’m writing this late Thursday night on the East Coast of the United States. By the time most folks read this post, the International Court of Justice is expected to issue a preliminary injunction declaring Israel’s military operation in Gaza is a genocide and that it must cease its military operations. Israel and the United States will ignore that ruling, but its effect will be the further isolation of both countries and will ratchet up the pressure on the Biden Administration to rein in the Israelis.

I think the Biden team now recognizes that it has a major domestic political problem on its hands. While it is true that wealthy Jewish donors continue to give Biden cash, it also is true that Biden is being relentlessly heckled on the campaign trail by Palestinian supporters. Biden is very thin-skinned and may step up pressure on Israel in order to put an end to the protests. He is being regularly lambasted at campaign events and it is creating a image problem of a weak, confused old man that is not going to play well in November.


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