All in One Place: President Trump Truths Out Summary Report on *All Swing States* From 2020 Election – Here are the Georgia Highlights

The 2020 Presidential Election is, to this day, one of the most controversial topics on social media.  Simply questioning its legitimacy can get you banned from many of the most popular platforms.  Thankfully, there are platforms like Truth Social, and now X, that are allowing discussions and discourse to take place.

The Gateway Pundit has been on top of election discrepancies, anomalies, and disinformation leading up to the 2020 Election and has continued to be a leader in bringing you the most recent stories from continuing investigations and research.

Recently, President Trump Truth’d out an anonymous report titled “Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States.”  The 32-page report includes separate sections for Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona.  The source is anonymous, as they should be, for now, but all the information is cited, and most is now in the public square.

Remaining anonymous could potentially thwart opportunities to use law enforcement to investigate the investigator and prevent Mockingbird Media from engaging in ad hominem attacks on individuals rather than information.

The report starts out with a bold statement that, according to polling, more than half the country now believes to be true:

It has often been repeated there is “no evidence” of fraud in the 2020 Election.  In actuality, there is no evidence Joe Biden won.”

Here are the highlights from the report for each swing state (the entire report will be shown below to read):


  • Fulton County, Georgia, the most populous county in the state, has no digital
    record of all in person votes cast in its original results.
  • Not a single ballot purportedly cast during early in-person voting was witnessed
    to and signed off by poll managers, as required by Georgia election rules. Seals
    were broken and memory cards removed from tabulators for the results of these
    315,000 votes, which were printed out on different machines than the ones that
    tabulated them
  • The ballot images of these votes, along with the rest of in-person ballots cast on
    Election Day, were destroyed
  • Fulton County did not count the same ballots during the original count and the
    machine recount. There are 19,541 distinct ballots that appear in one machine
    count but not the other
  • Thousands of fraudulent “presidential only” ballots were injected into the second
    machine count, with huge margins favoring Joe Biden. Ballots that are blank
    except for the presidential contest were counted in batches together, with the
    pattern appearing in at least eight counties, including Fulton
  • Eighty-eight percent of Fulton County’s precincts reported a different total
    number of votes between the first and second machine count
  • 376,863 ballot images are missing from the first machine count, which includes
    all in-person votes in Fulton County
  • 235,000 absentee ballots were requested and accepted too early, prior to the
    lawful date 180 days before the 2020 Election, which was May 6, 2020. These
    votes should have never been counted in the 2020 Election
  • Fulton County certified 59,143 in-person votes on Election Day, despite the fact
    that only 14,152 people had voted as of 5 p.m. on Nov. 3, 2020. Evidence
    suggests the in-person vote total on Election Day was inflated by approximately
    37,000 votes, as records show no rush to the polls during the final two hours of
    voting, and a screenshot of the in-person Election Day results shared by a
    government contractor showed only 21,843 people voted at the polls in Fulton
    County on Nov. 3
  • There were over 364,000 ineligible voter registrations on the rolls during the
    2020 Election and likely 67,284 votes were cast from voters with invalid
  • 59,000 of the 79,460 drop box ballots in Fulton County were not immediately
    transported to the election registrar, in violation of State Election Board rules
  • An estimated 355,000 ballot transfer forms for drop box ballots are missing
  • The presence of a “QR code mismatch” error within the Dominion tabulators that
    systematically undercounts votes was found in 65 out of 67 Georgia counties
    where records were available.
  • The election results in Georgia in 2020 are not only unreliable, but were
    electronically altered, and are unsupported by the state’s own election records.
    The appearance of tens of thousands of unconfirmed ballots in subsequent hand
    and machine counts suggest reconciliation happened after the Election, meaning
    after it was clear what margins were needed to win

Next, we will highlight Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

You can view the anonymous report here:

summary20of20election20frau… by CannCon

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