WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Biden Fish and Wildlife Service Wants to Release Wolves Into Colorado Cattle Country

The Biden Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to reintroduce the Gray Wolf into cattle country in Colorado and ranchers are not happy about it.

This is apparently going to happen because the ranchers are only suing to delay the measure, but it’s still a terrible idea. Livestock will be attacked, it’s an inevitability.

It’s probably safe to assume that the people who came up with this idea have never raised cattle or sheep.

PJ Media reports:

The Government Wants to Release 50 Wolves in Colorado Cattle Country

Joe Biden’s Fish and Wildlife Service really doesn’t like people very much. On the heels of releasing up to 50 grizzly bears into the Northern Cascade Mountain National Park over the next few years despite humans living just a few miles away, the FWS now wants to start repopulating Colorado with gray wolves.

Despite opposition from the cattle industry, the FWS put the issue of repopulating Colorado with wolves to the voters. Proposition 114 squeaked by 50.91 to 49.09.

While wolves are beautiful animals, they are also extremely intelligent, crafty predators who, like other apex predators, will expend as little energy as possible to get their next meal. That means the wolves will most likely attack and kill big, fat, slow, stupid cattle rather than chase down a deer.

It may come as a surprise to some of the greens who actually voted to repopulate their state with wolves, but the reason the gray wolves disappeared from the state is that ranchers didn’t like seeing their livelihoods stolen from them. The cattlemen hunted down the grey wolves until those that were left were smart enough to leave.

Here’s a local video report:

These ranchers in Colorado might want to look into investing in some livestock guardian dogs. A Great Pyrenees or two can provide excellent protection from large predators and they make family-friendly pets too.



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