WATCH: ‘You’re Financially Illiterate’: Anchor Schooled on Shady Biden Deals

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‘The American people aren’t buying what you’re selling’

Rep. James Comer, one of the U.S. House members investigating the suspicious money dealings of the Biden family over recent years, a scheme that already has been described as a massive multi-million dollar influence-peddling operation, has schooled a network anchor who argued the Democrat talking point that there’s “no evidence” against Joe Biden.

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The Washington Examiner explained Comer, the House Oversight Committee chief, has been attacked by legacy media operations for his investigation that has documented suspicious activity, including the fact the Biden family set up a multitude of shell corporations while he was vice president, corporations that took in millions of dollars from foreigners, including sources in China and Russia, after he was out of office.

Comer told NBC’s Ryan Nobles exactly what he thinks of their defense of the Biden family’s business dealings.

He charged that, “The American people aren’t buying what you’re selling” and added that the “mainstream media” is covering for the Bidens.

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