War Crimes: IDF Uncovers Hamas IED Death Trap with Baby Dolls and Loudspeakers; Hamas Killed Female IDF Soldiers with Poison Gas Oct. 7

In a hideous attempt to parlay their hostages into an IED death trap, Hamas rigged a school, a pharmacy, and a mosque with dolls and loudspeakers to try and draw Israeli soldiers into the Hamas terror tunnel network. Fortunately, the IDF uncovered the trap.

“In an attempt to ambush our troops, Hamas terrorists connected dolls to speakers playing crying sounds and set them up in an area rigged with explosives,” the IDF wrote. “The dolls and children’s backpacks were intentionally placed near a tunnel shaft connecting to a large tunnel network that extends under nearby civilian areas, including a school and a medical clinic. Our forces conducted thorough searches of the area and exposed the ambush as well as Hamas intelligence and anti-tank positions in the area.”

At least 134 Hamas hostages are still missing, including 115 men and 20 women. 10-month-old Kfir Bibas, his brother Ariel, four, and his mother Shiri Bibas, 32, are still missing. Hamas claims they were killed in an “Israeli air strike,”  while Israel continues to hope the Bibas family may be alive.

8 IDF soldiers were killed by an IED trap in Northern Gaza Wednesday. While mentally impaired White House Resident Joe Biden accused Israel of “indiscriminate bombing”, brave IDF soldiers are actually fighting house by house in Gaza, risking their young lives. Many IDF draftees are younger than 21 and, therefore, “children,” according to Hamas. 442 IDF soldiers have been killed since Oct. 7.

An investigation into the deaths of female IDF SigInt soldiers at Nahal Oz military base on October 7 discovered that Hamas terrorists used chemical (gas) weapons to kill Israelis, Jewish Press reports.

According to a report by Israel’s Channel 12 News, investigators examining the bodies of the surveillance soldiers at the base reportedly revealed they died from the effects of toxic gas.

Fifteen female IDF observers and three female IDF officers died in the toxic Nahal Oz inferno. Six officers and one surveillance soldier managed to escape the toxic environment and survived to tell the tale to investigators. Of those remaining, six others were abducted by the terrorists who dragged them into Gaza.

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit that specializes in training and deploying working dogs, announced it would raise its alert status and increase training in northern Israel to prepare as many dogs as possible for every possible emergency, Arutz Sheva reports.


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