Trend: Year-End Poll Shows Trump Gaining, Biden Losing Support of Black Voters

A poll released Friday by Morning Consult shows Joe Biden losing support among Black voters while President Trump is gaining support. Over the past year Biden is down nine points, from 70 to 61 percent while Trump is up seven points, 15 to 22 percent:

“Trump now leads Biden, fueled by gains among key voter segments including Black, Hispanic and young Americans: The former president took his first monthly lead of the 2024 election cycle over President Joe Biden in November. He now leads Biden among 18- to 34-year-olds, and Biden continues to lose support among Black and Hispanic voters. Trump also maintains a narrow edge among independents.”

Morning Consult also posted Trump beating Biden in seven key swing states. The polling matches other recent polls on showing Trump leading in swing states and gaining support among Black voters.

Trump leads Biden in 7 key swing states, per our survey with @business:

AZ: Biden: 42% Trump: 46%

GA: Biden: 43% Trump: 49%

MI: Biden: 42% Trump: 46%

NV: Biden: 44% Trump: 47%

NC: Biden: 40% Trump: 49%

PA: Biden: 44% Trump: 46%

WI Biden: 41% Trump: 45%

Trump is at a high of 65 percent among Republican primary voters:

A GenForward survey reported by Politico earlier this month had Biden at 63 percent support among Black voters with Trump at 17 percent (excerpt):

One of the best-respected polls of voters of color shows President Joe Biden is facing strong headwinds among his most loyal base of support: Black Americans.

In the GenForward survey released on Tuesday and shared first with POLITICO, nearly 1 in 5 Black Americans, 17 percent, said they would vote for former President Donald Trump. And 20 percent of Black respondents said they would vote for “someone else” other than Biden or Trump.

According to the survey, about three-quarters of Black respondents said they would vote if the presidential election were held today, a figure that trails the number of white voters who said they would vote today by 10 points.

…Black adults backed Biden more than any other racial group in the survey, but the president notched just 63 percent among this bloc.

It also represents a significant jump for Trump among Black voters overall. During the 2020 presidential election, AP VoteCast found Trump won 8 percent of Black voters, versus 91 percent voting for Biden.

…Concerns over inflation by far outpaced all other issues for respondents across all racial groups with gun control and immigration lagging far behind. Overall, the president’s approval rating in this survey was sitting at a paltry 38 percent. For Black respondents, half approve of Biden’s job performance, while 34 percent of Latinos, 37 percent of AAPI and 36 percent of white respondents viewed Biden positively.

An October New York Times/Siena College poll had Biden with 71 percent support among swing state Black voters and Trump with 22 percent support BET excerpt):

A New York Times and Siena College poll released Sunday (Nov. 5) suggests that Black voters in crucial swing states are drifting toward former President Donald Trump, sending an early warning sign to Democrats that they could lose the White House next year.

According to the poll, 22 percent of Black voters would back Trump, who won 8 percent of the Black vote in 2020, The New York Times reports. Biden would get 71 percent of the Black vote.

The poll survey registered voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It would be a historic shift if the figures hold. Since the civil rights era, no Democrat running for president has won less than 80 percent of the Black vote, and no Republican running for the White House has received more than 12 percent in nearly 50 years.

Supporters with Blacks for Trump listen as President Trump speaks at his 2020 reelection campaign kickoff rally at the Amway Center, Orlando, FL, June 18, by Kristinn Taylor
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