‘Tormented’ Prince Andrew To Be Named in the List of 170 High Profile Associates of Jeffrey Epstein – Desperate Duke of York Can’t Shake the ‘Epstein Curse’ Away

It’s not a Merry Christmas for Prince Andrew.

An association with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has become a stain in someone’s reputation that does not easily fade from the world’s memory, as many rich and famous people have learned.

The ultimate example of that may be the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, who lost titles, privileges and patronages, became an outcast in Britain’s Royal Family after the constant, relentless reporting of his ties with Epstein.

And the ‘Epstein curse’ just won’t go away.

Now, it surfaces that Prince Andrew is ‘totally tormented’ as he ‘braces himself for the scandal over his links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to reignite in the New Year.’

Andrew’s name will appear alongside 170 of Epstein’s powerful friends – some of whom have not previously been publicly identified – when a tranche of previously unreleased court documents are published.

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Daily Mail reported:

The prospect of once again facing intense scrutiny over his friendship with Epstein is said to have plunged Andrew into deep despair ahead of Christmas, which he is expected to spend in Sandringham with his brother King Charles and other Royals.

‘Andrew’s name is in there,’ one source said. ‘He is beside himself with this latest development and everyone close to him is concerned for his mental wellbeing. He is at a loss, totally tormented. He is facing his second Christmas without his mother and now the New Year is going to start with his name being dragged through the mud all over again’.”

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The documents tormenting Andrew are part of a US defamation case that Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts brought against Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, back in 2015

Judge Loretta Preska determined that documents relating to more than 170 people – associates, friends or victims of Epstein – should be made public in early January.

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The new documents include Wall Street bankers, business leaders and big-name politicians and academics.

“Ms. Roberts claimed she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was 17 – allegations Andrew has vehemently and consistently denied. A civil lawsuit she brought in the US was settled out of court with no admission of wrongdoing by Andrew.

A source said: ‘Every time Andrew hopes to put his association with Epstein in the past, it flares up again. It doesn’t matter that he has never been charged, let alone convicted, of any wrongdoing, his name keeps getting dragged through the mud by association.  ‘This is going to hang over him all Christmas. You have to wonder when it will ever end’.”

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