Racist Democrat Boston Mayor Wu Proudly Shares Pics of Anti-White “Electeds of Color” Holiday Party

Image: @MichelleWu/Instagram

The Gateway Pundit reported that far-left Boston Mayor Michelle Wu invited only “Electeds of color” to a holiday party, according to an email sent by a staffer.

A Wu admin official then claimed the email was ‘mistakenly’ sent out to all Boston city councilors after backlash.

Wu not only felt no shame, she doubled down and defended the racist event.

She proudly shared a photo of the party on social media, complete with smiling government officials of minority backgrounds at the “no whites” gathering.

Accompanying the photo on Instagram, Wu wrote, “Last night was my turn to host the annual holiday dinner for Boston’s elected officials of color—a special moment to appreciate that our affinity group now includes leadership across city, state, county, and federal offices.”

“Not too long ago in Boston, we didn’t need such a big table to fit electeds of color. But over my time as a City Councilor and now Mayor, following so many leaders who have paved the way, I’ve proudly watched this group grow and create space for mentorship and fellowship among many who are breaking down barriers while holding the weight of being the first or only. Throughout the year, we work to represent our communities with urgency and determination. And at the holidays, we take the time to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company!”

“Thank you to all who work hard to build community, and wishing joy and rejuvenation for all those who give so much in this holiday season.”


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Wu seems to have a predictable pattern when it comes to discrimination against white people.

At an event in 2022 Wu said, “This past winter was pretty intense, trial by snow, trial by firefighters union. I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive, and white – I’m talking about snowflakes, snowstorms, snowflakes!”

In a virtual signaling move in early February, Wu announced the creation of a ‘Reparations Task Force’ which will look into the issue of reparations for black residents.

In March owners of five restaurants in Boston allege they have been discriminated against by Wu because of their White, Italian heritage.


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