Texas Congressman Chip Roy Defends Support for DeSantis, Calls Out Trump for Skipping Debates: “Trump Hangs Out in His Basement in Florida, Afraid to Actually Debate”

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During an interview on CNN, Texas Congressman Chip Roy criticized former President Donald Trump for refusing to participate in GOP presidential primary debates and expressed his support for Governor Ron DeSantis.

Roy spoke with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, highlighting the contrasts in leadership between Trump and DeSantis, emphasizing the need to address key issues facing the nation.

On Monday, Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to encourage a Republican primary challenge against Texas Congressman Chip Roy.

Trump expressed his belief that the RINO congressman could be unseated by a “smart and energetic” Republican candidate, stating “For the right person, he is very beatable. If interested, let me know!!!”

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Despite Trump’s call on Truth Social for a primary challenger to “RINO Congressman Chip Roy,” the congressman pointed out that the filing deadline in Texas had already passed and he has no primary opponents for the upcoming election.

“Well, somebody didn’t get the memo. The filing deadline was last week in Texas. And look, I’m privileged and blessed not to have a primary opponent this time. I did get three primary opponents in 2021 when I voted to certify the electors of something I thought was constitutionally appropriate. And I still won with more votes than any other member of Congress in Texas,” said Roy.

Roy highlighted his own conservative credentials and his past support for Trump’s policies when aligned with his beliefs. However, he emphasized his current endorsement of DeSantis, citing the latter’s achievements in Florida and potential for national leadership.

“I’m an unapologetic conservative, unapologetic defender of Donald Trump when he does things that I agree with. For example, right now, I’m critical of the opinion out of the Colorado Supreme Court. I don’t think that’s following the Constitution. I think that’s stretching the bounds of the 14th Amendment unconstitutionally.”

“But I’m proudly supporting Ron DeSantis. He’s a good man, a friend to someone I’ve known for a decade. And for some reason, that gets under President Trump’s skin. And this is exactly what the American people are tired of.

“They want us to focus on the job at hand. They want us to secure the border, stop spending money we don’t have, make sure we have a strong military, do the things that they want us to do to get their lives back on track so people can achieve the American dream. That’s Ron DeSantis. He’s been doing it in Florida. He’ll now do it for the country.”

Collins asked Roy about Trump branding him a “RINO” and his avoidance of the debates. Roy didn’t shy away from stating his opinion that Trump may be avoiding debates because he’s “afraid” to face scrutiny on his record.

“First of all, that’s not something that I’m going to spend a whole lot of time worrying about. I’m focused on the job at hand, being a member of Congress, doing the things I just told you. But the point kind of answers itself. Pretty much everybody in the conservative world who understands what we do in Washington knows that I’m a conservative with a strong record. I have voted against Biden more than virtually everybody member of Congress. I have a strong conservative 100% score from the Conservative Review, 98% from Heritage Action pro-life community.”

Roy questioned Trump’s reluctance to participate in debates, claiming that a direct comparison of records would reveal DeSantis’ superior governance.

“I was just at multiple events with Ron DeSantis where he’s shaking their hands and looking them in the eye while Donald Trump hangs out in his basement in Florida, afraid to actually debate. What’s he afraid of? Look, I’m happy to debate him if he wants to anywhere. I’m just a little old congressman. Why won’t he debate Ron DeSantis or any of the other candidates? I think he should.


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