SICK: Democrat Senate Staffer Caught Having Graphic Sex with Older “Bear” Partner in Capitol Office Building (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Source: Daily Caller

A Democratic Senator deserves to be in some serious hot water after one of his staffers was caught engaging in a highly inappropriate and explicit act in the halls of Congress.

The Spectator broke an explosive story Friday that a young male staffer for Maryland Senator Ben Cardin engaged in multiple graphic sex acts with his older boyfriend in the Hart Senate Office Building.

The news site accessed the man’s X account to obtain the footage. Yes, he was showcasing X-rated pornography for the entire world to witness.

Here is the report from the Spectator:

The so-called hallowed Halls of Congress play host to a plethora of indecent acts every day — but one staffer for Senator Ben Cardin is taking it to new levels.

The public Twitter account of the audacious young “twink” is comprised almost solely of him in flagrante delicto with his older “bear” partner. The images and videos are explicit — and conspicuously and deliberately contain the staffer’s face.

One pic in particular, shared privately with Cockburn, raised his eyebrow, as it was taken in what certainly appears to be a conference room in the Hart Senate Office Building, where his boss’s office is located.

While the Spectator refused to show images, The Daily Caller was able to obtain explicit video footage showing the two men having graphic sex.

In footage obtained by the outlet, the naughty staffer is seen in a photo having unprotected intercourse. He is on all fours, completely naked.

While the sex act is occurring, he stares at a camera on the table where Senators interrogate witnesses during a hearing. A source confirmed to the Caller that the room is Senate Room Hart 216. This is also known as The Judiciary Room.

Here are the photos of the public sex obtained by the Caller. The images below may be disturbing to some readers.

Credit: Daily caller
Here is the full video: (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The Daily Caller confirmed the entire video was shared in a private group for gay men in politics.

One name has been circulating online, but the Gateway Pundit still needs to verify this information. We will post an update as soon as this information becomes available.

Just a reminder: your tax dollars have paid for his disgraceful actions.


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