Professor and Legal Analyst Jonathan Turley Gets Swatted at His DC Area Home

George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley was swatted this week following similar incidents at the homes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and others.

The practice of swatting is extremely dangerous and can easily end with someone being accidentally killed by police, which is precisely why the perpetrators do it.

It’s not clear why professor Turley was swatted. Perhaps someone doesn’t like his legal takes on the Trump indictments. Turley has been very critical of the left.

RedState reports:

Jonathan Turley Spoke Out Against Swatting, and Then He Got Swatted

There is a full-scale war of intimidation being waged by the far-left, and it has targeted yet another prominent figure on the right.

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley was swatted on Friday, according to Alan Henney, who reports on various crimes and police responses around Washington, D.C.

That follows the swatting of three Republican lawmakers since Christmas. Specifically, Sen. Rick Scott, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Rep. Brandon Williams all reported incidents. Jonathan Turley then spoke out against the trend, noting that a lack of prosecutions is leading to an increased number of swatting calls because there is no deterrent.

“Swatting constitutes a false police report that can be criminally charged,” Turley said. “Virginia recently passed a new law making swatting specifically a criminal misdemeanor. It can also be charged as a form of criminal threats.”

“This is a crime that flourishes because there is insufficient deterrent,” Turley continued. “The anonymity and rare prosecutions combine to fuel this form of criminal harassment.”

“There is no mystery to how to address these crimes. There must be greater detection and penalties to achieve deterrence,” he added.

We obviously need more serious consequences for this type of criminal activity.


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