Pope Francis Faces Growing Worldwide Pushback Against His ‘Same-Sex Blessing’ Doctrine

If you think that fierce opposition to the latest initiative by Globalist Pope Francis – namely, the blessing of same-sex unions – is limited to the Conservative American bishops led by Joseph Strickland, think again.

All over the world, prelates and faithful alike have vigorously opposed the new directives from Francis, as a growing number of Catholic bishops in Africa and Europe are publicly voicing their rejection of the new document by the Vatican.

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The issue is yet another polarizing initiative in Francis’s quest to remake the Catholic Church according to his ‘very peculiar’ vision of the institution.

The document entitled ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ states that blessings can be offered to people in same-sex relationships if they are not confused with the ritual of marriage.

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While the document reaffirmed that marriage is a lifelong union only between a man and a woman, many conservatives in the Church fear that the move is ‘a step toward the Catholic church accepting homosexuality’.

In a report from Associated Press, the extraordinary scope of the pushback against the pontiff becomes clear.

Zambia’s bishops conference:

“Same-sex couples blessings were ‘not for implementation in Zambia.”

The bishops conference of Malawi:

“Blessings of any kind for same-sex unions of any kind would not be permitted.”

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Polish bishops conference:

“No plans to give blessings to same-sex couples. Marriage, the conference asserted, remains only the union between a man and a woman, and sexual acts outside of that are always an offense against God’s will.”

German Cardinal Gerhard Müller:

“The declaration is ‘self-contradictory’ as it still says same-sex relationships were contrary to God’s law while allowing same-sex couples to receive a blessing. The church cannot celebrate one thing and teach another.”

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Kazakhistan Bishop Athanasius Schneider:

“The new policy is a great deception. Priests should be aware of the evil that resides in the very permission to bless couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples.”

Conference of Nigerian bishops:

“They needed to make clear that the Vatican document does not allow for a blessing and a formal acceptance of same-sex relationships.”

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