Peter Sweden-EU: THROWS AWAY 215 Million Covid Vaccines

This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at

Some huge news. At least 215 million expired doses of the mRNA shots have been destroyed by the EU – This comes at a cost to the tax payer of around €4 BILLION.

Looks like people are not interested in taking the boosters anymore, so countries have been forced to throw them away.

The EU bought massive quantities of the brand new mRNA shots that has never been tested for long term side effects.

In fact, they ordered a whopping 4.2 BILLION vaccine doses, enough for giving each citizen in the EU 9 doses. Is this why they pushed so hard for people to get the boosters, so that they could get rid of their surpluss vaccines?

There was only 15 EU member countries disclosed their data, and it shows that they have thrown away at least 0.7 doses per person on average. If we project this number to the EU as a whole, it would mean a whopping 312 million doses have been thrown away, equal to about €5.8 billion of tax payers money wasted.

However, the real number is likely higher, as Germany which has already thrown away 83 million vaccine doses, said a few months ago that they had a stockpile of another 120 million doses that are expiring early next year.

Looking at the data, we see that people really do not seem interested in taking any more covid vaccines. The propaganda has failed. People simply don’t want to get the shots in the same way as they did before.

Poland and Hungary have refused to accept any more vaccines and are now being sued by Pfizer for not paying for millions and millions of doses.

In Romania, prosecutors are looking to take legal action against it’s former Prim Minister and Health Ministers. They say it’s because they bought too many vaccines which caused the state massive financial losses.

So here the EU has bought huge amounts of covid mRNA doses. People are not getting the boosters to they have to throw away hundreds of millions of doses. A huge waste to the tax payer.

The climate?

Imagine how much CO2 has been emitted during the production of all these wasted vaccine doses. Imagine all the waste. For all the talk about being environmentally friendly, it sure doesn’t seem to apply in this case…

But wait, there’s more!

The EU has a contract with Pfizer which has locked countries into keep buying more and more vaccines until 2027. Isn’t this amazing – For Pfizer’s wallet?

How is this possible?

The amount of money wasted is as much as the country of Croatia spends on healthcare for a whole year. Imagine how much good that money could have been used for.

The pandemic was used as a massive transfer of wealth from you – To the elites.

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