NYC: Woman Throws Soup at Kosher Restaurant Employees During Tirade

Image: @StopAntisemitism/X

Employees at the kosher restaurant Hummus Kitchen on New York City’s Upper East Side filmed a woman attempting to tear down an Israel/US flag outside the establishment before launching into a tirade.

Caught in the act, the woman began shouting at the employees and then hurled soup at one employee.

She flipped over tables and chairs, shouting,  “You are all Murderers!”

The New York Post reports:

“Record me, bitch! Recording me?” the smiling woman says in another 25-second clip before flipping the middle finger and placing her hand beneath her chin to proclaim, “I’m cute, right?”

She then opens a container of soup she was holding and tosses the contents at an employee who is out of the frame.

A man’s voice shouts, “Hey!” followed by the voice of a woman, taunting the brazen bigot with “Smile bitch!” as the offender walks away, middle finger in the air.

Image: @StopAntisemitism/X

StopAntisemitism shared the video to X. StopAntisemitism, a “leading non-partisan U.S-based organization fighting antisemitism,” has compiled an ever-expanding catalog of antisemitic incidents.


According to the Anti-Defamation League, the US has seen more reported antisemitic incidents since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians than in any two-month period in 45 years.


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