LET THEM FIGHT: Former Co-Host of ‘The View’ Meghan McCain, Threatens Legal Action Against the Show for ‘Slanderous’ Accusations

Meghan McCain may not be a host on ‘The View’ anymore, but she clearly still watches the show because this week, the current hosts said some things that really set her off.

The hosts seemed to imply that there’s not much difference between Meghan Mccain and Hunter Biden. Who can blame Meghan for being angry about that?

McCain is now talking about taking legal action.

RedState reports:

“Joe Biden’s crime is being Hunter Biden’s father, and being Hunter Biden’s very loving father, very good father, very supportive father,” Navarro proclaimed as the liberally biased audience clapped like seals.

In the midst of her attempt at defending Hunter Biden, Navarro claimed that though in her view Hunter Biden was indeed guilty of influence peddling, most of Washington D.C. was guilty of it as well. And, without evidence, Navarro also declared that people “sitting at this table” have also engaged in influence peddling.

“Look, did Hunter Biden influence peddle on his last name? Yes, he did,” Navarro declared. “So did half of Washington. People sitting at this table did it! Did Hunter Biden cheat on his taxes? Yes, he did!”

When she was pushed by her co-hosts as to just who she was referring to, Navarro said it wasn’t anyone “currently” on the panel, which caused woke co-host Sunny Hostin to burst out in laughter.

Watch below:

McCain responded on Twitter/X:

I don’t understand why my former colleagues @TheView @ABC bring me up and slander me on an almost weekly basis. It has been years – move on, I have.

I have never been accused of a crime in my life and am a patriotic American – I would never and have never “influenced peddled” in my life, let alone with foreign adversaries. Not all politicians children are the same – and I am no Hunter Biden.

All accusations are absurd, defamatory and slanderous.

I will be consulting my lawyers regarding what was libeled against me on The View this morning.

The View is one of the most toxic shows on television today. McCain should sue them.


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