Law Firm Announces it Will No Longer Recruit at Harvard University Due to President’s Congressional Testimony

Harvard President Claudine Gay speaks at a hearing.

The fallout continues for Harvard University.

A law firm has just announced that it will no longer recruit from the school, due to the controversy surrounding Harvard President Claudine Gay, who failed to flatly condemn students on campus calling for the genocide of Jews.

Gay has also been exposed as a plagiarist, but the school is standing by her. It’s amazing how much damage all of this has done to the school’s brand.

FOX News reports:

Law firm to cease on-campus recruiting at Harvard due to university president’s congressional testimony

A law firm will cease on-campus recruiting of Harvard Law students due to the university president’s recent congressional testimony, telling Fox News Digital the move will be in place until there is a “sea change” on campus.

Edelson PC law firm founder Jay Edelson penned a letter to Harvard Law’s director of recruitment and operations saying that the firm will not be participating in the university’s upcoming Spring Interview Program. The Spring Interview Program, which begins Jan. 29, facilitates opportunities for employers to interview prospective students on campus.

The firm added that it will also skip a larger on-campus interviewing event in August, according to Reuters. Edelson told Reuters in an interview that the event is where major law firms often hire many of their summer associates.

Edelson sent a statement to Fox News Digital about the decision, saying the move came because of how Harvard and its president Claudine Gay handled the aftermath of her disastrous testimony before Congress on antisemitism at the school.

Harvard University’s top brass backed the embattled president following intense backlash towards her comments about antisemitism and accusations of plagiarism.

The optics of this are terrible. A public relations nightmare.

This law firm will not be the last one to make this decision.


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