IRS Comes After “Let My People Go” Documentary Movie Creator David Clements After Launching Film

Guest post by Joe Republished with permission

Just three days after launching the documentary “Let My People Go” on election integrity the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has sent a notice to former law professor David Clements demanding $19,368 from the 2021 tax year.

The attack is very reminiscent of the IRS going after journalist Matt Taibbi after he dropped the “Twitter Files” about the government’s collusion with Twitter. Like Clements, they investigated a tax return filed years prior in 2018.

The IRS letter is full of inaccuracies. First, it claims Clements was self-employed in 2021. Clements was employed as a law-professor at New Mexico State University for the majority of the year until he was terminated for refusing to subject his students to the mask and Covid-19 jab policies.

Second, a fundraiser was set up on behalf of Clements with an outpouring of support from patriots across the country, in which the proceeds should have been treated as charitable donations for tax purposes. After consulting with a CPA, Clements agreed that the IRS would seek to treat the charitable donations as taxable income because of his political advocacy, but regardless he has not only been unemployed since November 2021, he has worked pro bono for over two years for election integrity and the cause of the J6 prisoners. Though unemployed, Clements had to pay the IRS over $86,000, while fending off complaints against his law license for standing up against the false narratives surrounding the rigged November 3, 2020 election.

The IRS shakedown follows a cyber-attack trying to disrupt the release of “Let My People Go.”

“Let My People Go” Documentary Withstands a Massive Cyber Attack to Shut Down Release of the Film

It is truly the movie no political party or the IRS wants the American people to see.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Clements about how people could help.

“This Christmas we got an IRS demand to pay our government persecutors over $19,000. I’ve been paying taxes for nearly 30 years, and never had an audit, until the film was released. I don’t want people to send donations to my family, because the IRS will just take a third and then attack good people. If people want to help, watch the movie that caused the IRS to come after me, and share it far and wide. Until the word gets out and people stand up, the government will continue to make our lives difficult.”

The movie can be found at LetMyPeopleGo.Movie.
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