INVASION: Illegals Near NYC’s Floyd Bennett Field Going Door to Door Begging for Money, Food  (Video)

David Fitzgerald, 62, said his Ring camera captured a migrant family knocking on his Brooklyn door asking for money. Image courtesy of New York Post.

Illegals being housed at a tent shelter at Floyd Bennett Field in NYC are going door to door in the neighboring community begging for cash, food, and clothes.

Residents are learning the hard way what it means to be a sanctuary city.

The New York Post reported:

David Fitzgerald, 62, said he has noticed an influx of asylum seeker families showing up on his doorstep in Brooklyn’s Marine Park neighborhood in recent weeks asking for spare change — sparking safety fears among some of his neighbors.

“There’s definitely an invasion of immigrants from Floyd Bennett Field in our neighborhood and I see them sitting outside stores … outside the mall and going around to all the houses in the neighborhood, knocking on the door looking for money,” the retiree said.

“I certainly sympathize with their situation, but to have people knocking at your door looking for food that don’t speak English, it’s annoying. I don’t like it. We have never had this before, ever,” he continued.

Another resident shared his concerns over safety saying, “I don’t feel safe.  I’m paying a lot of taxes from my salary.  And I’m completely transparent to the IRS and everything so I think it’s enough, what we are already paying for them to support if we call ourselves a sanctuary city.”

Asked if he had a message for New York Mayor Adams or Joe Biden, he said, “Secure the border.  That’s the only message.”

On Tuesday, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa shared a video taken outside of Floyd Bennett Field showing the deteriorating conditions of the tent city and called on the city to step in.

Sliwa shared, “So here we are.  We got the four tents behind us. You got all the migrants behind us, they won’t let us get any closer. And we’ve gone all through Marine Park in the area where all the illegal aliens are going.”

“And they’re begging.  They’re going door to door.”

“They’re outside of Kings Plaza.  They’re outside Walgreens, 7-11, Speed Way, begging, begging, begging.  They can’t get enough back here.”

“They get food, clothes. We provide them with everything. We don’t even provide our own homeless and emotionally disturbed, our veterans.”

“So we have got to come up with a plan…and we are working on it so that by January 1st, we’re gonna force this issue.  This begging has got to stop. They should not be permitted to beg. The city is not disciplining them.”

“There’s no structure there. No rules or regulations. And we’re gonna force the city to do their job.  Stay tuned.”


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